Jack, I’m Mellow: Trixie Smith

I love this music! It makes me want to move my feet to the sound.

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7 Comments on “Jack, I’m Mellow: Trixie Smith”

  1. Mario Bergeron Says:

    This is probably from her session with Sidney Bechet.

  2. Ah! Talkin’ about Sidney Bechet, if you want to tap your feet, try his wild cover of Maple Leaf Rag that I put on Musique d’Ebene (“Black Music” blog) It’s with the New Orleans Feetwarmers, almost the last one on the first page. I’m sure you will enjoy.


  3. Rick Oztown Says:

    Really like the piece and would love to snag it. However, YouSendIt is requiring me to log in to download it. I don’t recall ever getting a login or password there before. Is this something new?

    I’m lost and confused.

    • katry Says:

      As am I, Rick

      I have no idea why it happened, but the song is now floating in hyperspace on its way to you!

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