William Tell Overture: Gioachino Rossini

We, of course, know this better as The Lone Ranger’s Theme Song.

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12 Comments on “William Tell Overture: Gioachino Rossini”

  1. katry Says:

    Here he is: our hero

  2. Just got off the phone telling my daughter the effect this song was making in me. She called as it was nearly finished.

    I’ve just woken up completely. I have just got off an almost impossible work schedule. I worked the last 26 hours straight but for a four hour supper/beer break 4 – 8 yesterday, with one hour commute in there. I slept 11- 3 and am now up till about seven so I can go back to bed for a night’s sleep. I have to be at work at 7 am tomorrow. The song woke me up and now I’m off to see the clip. I loved lone ranger like my mom!

    • katry Says:

      I was always excited to hear this song. I knew exactly what would happen during the entire opening clip and always said the words along with the announcer.

      No way could I manage that schedule. I’d be nodding away at work unless I drank gallons of coffee.

      Have a wonderful night’s sleep and sweet dreams. Think of a fiery horse!

  3. Hedley Says:

    Who was that masked man?

    • katry Says:

      My Dear hedley,
      Alwyas that question at the end of the show. I remember at the beginning he was often mistaken for a bandit because of his mask.

  4. Hedley Says:

    It was Saturday afternoons, it was 5.00 pm it was after the football results…Hi Ho Silver Away

  5. Jeff in San Diego Says:

    The Lone Ranger is captured by some evil bandits, who tell him that he will be hanged at sundown. He asks if he can say a few parting words to his horse. They tell him “Okay,” and he whispers briefly in Silver’s ear. Silver takes off at a full gallop.

    A few minutes before sundown, back comes Silver, being ridden by a gorgeous, stark-naked woman. Lone shakes his head, looks at the horse with disgust in his eyes, and says, “Dammit, Silver. I said bring back a POSSE.”

  6. Jeff in San Diego Says:

    Lark Cigarettes used this music in a commercial that had a truck driving through suburban neighborhoods with a big sign that read, “Show us your Lark pack!” People would extend their hands (holding the pack of Larks, of course) toward the truck, and the camera would zoom in on them.

    If you remember that commercial, it makes this one, produced by the great Stan Freberg, even funnier:

    • katry Says:

      I don’t remember the Lark commercial, but I do remember this ad. It reminced me that when he retired, Clayton Moore was told he colnd’t wear the Lone Ranger outfit; it was copywritten, but he still wore a mask.

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