Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John): The Country Gentlemen

I don’t know why, but I was in the mood for a bit of gospel. This is from Classic Southern Gospel released by Smithsonian-Folkways.

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7 Comments on “Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John): The Country Gentlemen”

    • kat Says:

      When I hear voices likes this, I always feel sorry I can’t carry a tune. They sound so joyous!

  1. Spaceman Says:

    Good choice, the Country Gentlemen do well by this song, which for some reason, as good as it is, hasn’t not been recorded all that often.

    • kat Says:

      Thanks, Spaceman

      This was about the fifth song I listened to before I knew it was the right one.

  2. Spaceman Says:

    This CG tune is a bluegrass classic.

    • kat Says:

      Thanks, Spaceman
      I really didn’t get into bluegrass music until the last few years so I only know a few singers like the CG. For some reason I have been finding I like all sorts of music i hadn’t thought I did-rockabilly is another one.

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