Saint James Infirmary: Snooks Eaglin

Today is Smithsonian Folkways day. I haven’t had one for a while, and I was feeling guilty. Both of today’s songs are from a great album called Classic Sounds of New Orleans. You don’t have to buy the whole album; you can just download a song if you’ve a mind to. I find rooting around in the Smithsonian Folkways site always nets me a surprise. Give it a try!

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11 Comments on “Saint James Infirmary: Snooks Eaglin”

  1. Caryn Says:

    I have yet to find a version of this that I don’t like.

    My favorite Betty Boop cartoon has a weird dream sequence with Cab Calloway as the voice of Bingo the Clown singing St James Infirmary Blues.

  2. I agree there are a lot of great versions of the classic Saint James Infirmary. Thanks for posting the Snooks Eaglin version, which I had not heard. I saw him play at Jazz Fest in New Orleans years ago. What a talent.

    • kat Says:

      Smithsonian also released an album of his music called New Orleans Street Singer. It had been originally released in 1959. It’s excellent.

  3. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    Thanks for hunting.

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