“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

I could smell the ocean this morning so I stood on the deck by the rail just soaking it in. The water is a long way off, but many a morning the ocean makes its way here, and I love those mornings the best. The breeze is slight, and the sun is hot. It is already 80°. When I came inside after my coffee and papers, the den felt cool, still shaded as it is. The sun is working its way around the house, and, by afternoon, the den too will be hot. Tonight is movie night. We’re seeing one recommended by a friend: Next Stop Wonderland.

The renters from next door have already left. I watched them tote boxes and roll their suitcases to the car. I don’t know who will arrive this afternoon, but I hope they are as quiet as the last tenants.

I’m busy with plays and dinners and such, but I still take the time to do nothing but put my feet up and read. Gracie and I sit outside for the longest time. Well, actually, only I sit. Gracie spreads out and sleeps in the shade. I stop to watch the birds, and my friend the giant crow comes back almost every day. I’m thinking of naming him, but I suspect he already has one of his own. The feeders need filling so that’s a chore for later. The kitchen needs sweeping so I’ll add that to the list. I need to do a bit of shopping and that will be the last chore of the day.

The paper this morning had an article about music returning to Afghanistan. It had been banned for so long many of the master musicians have died, and some traditional instruments have no one who knows how to play them. I thought how awful a world without music must have been. I think how music soothes me or enervates me or even makes me smile. I think of songs like Happy Birthday which we sing no matter how old the celebrant is. I can’t imagine a Christmas without carols. I think the first song I ever learned was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The words to that song and so many others stay in my head, and I can still sing along years after first hearing them. I wish I remembered yesterday as strongly as I remember, “Up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky.”

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17 Comments on ““After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.””

  1. im6 Says:

    Hope you enjoy tonight’s movie. I’m going to feel really bad if you don’t like it. I watched it again a year or so ago and remember not being disappointed. I have my fingers crossed in hopes it holds up. And what’s this about not liking musicals? Do you mean the kind where the characters burst into song? Does this mean you don’t like “West Side Story” or “Gypsy?” What about a musical where music is integral to the story? Have you seen Scorsese’s “New York, New York?” It’s a mess, but a wonderful mess and I believe I have an extra copy I can send you if you promise not to be too critical. Of course, I guess that one will have to wait until you’re filmed-in-Boston series is complete! Enjoy the evening. Eat lots of popcorn.

    • kat Says:

      Okay, I really like West Side Story too and stop naming musicals or I’ll have to eat my words. I haven’t seen New York, New York, but I think I know the song. Gypsy isn’t a favorite but I do like Brigadoon. Oops, I’d better salt and pepper those words!

      • kat Says:

        I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as did Clare and Diane. Tony and Clay thought it was endless waiting for the two of them to meet. They lost patience. You were right about the soundtrack. It fit the movie perfectly.

        It was a great recommendation!

  2. im6 Says:

    Oops, that should be “…YOUR filmed-in-Boston series…” (miss the preview function!)

  3. Clare Stevens Says:

    A world without music must be a barbaric world. How awful.
    See you later!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,

    So that’s what’s wrong with that part of the world. I suppose they had no Aaron Copeland counterpart over there either. Very sad. Some those songs were extremely old. When the singer is singing about Alexander the Great coming through town, it’s a long memory to have lost.

    I used to sing in choral groups and so forth so there’s a lot of music rattling around in my head. Some pieces I remember completely, some I remember some lines, some I remember only the title and some I remember only the feeling I had while performing it.

    It’s very hot again. Time to shut up the house and turn on the A/C. It was so nice not hearing it rumbling away in the window.

    Have a great day.

    • kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It was the Taliban who banned music of any sort. They are trying to revive the traditional music but it is difficult with so few resources from which to draw. They have started a music school hoping to teach native instruments and songs.

      I never sang in public.

      I also turned on the AC. It was hot and, even worse, humid. By the time we were on the deck for the movie, the air was cooler though it was still humid. The house felt great.

      You too have a great Sunday!

  5. Zoey & Me Says:

    That song was probably my first song too but I remember most the Disney song “When you Wish Upon a Star”. Our Nanny would sing that to us before bedtime when we were in Germany. I sang it every night after we were assigned to England and again in the States. I can’t remember how old I was when I stopped singing it. Maybe I should start it again as it brought me luck back then and luck is what I need now.

    • kat Says:

      I love that song, and I love Jiminy Cricket. He is adorable with his suit, hat and cane.

      I still wish on the first star I see. I figure it can’t hurt!

    • kat Says:

      I love, love, love this. I couldn’t believe there were people who just looked but kept walking. The people on the sidelines who got into the music were just wonderful. They were dancing and moving, and clapping. I would love to see something like this happen. I’d be thrilled.
      Thank you!

      • splendid Says:

        These always bring tears of joy to my eyes! A flash mob is the loveliest thing in the midst of humanity!!! Music brings everyone together!

  6. Carl Says:

    I still download all the music you post. Trying to listen to music in 2 or 3 second bursts on this inter net is really frustrating. Besides it allows me to play the ones I don’t know enough times so that I can sing along with them too.

    Always enjoyable. See you next weekend (maybe)

    MT C

  7. kat Says:

    Don’t you just wish you could happen one one?

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