Lady With the Braid: Dory Previn

This song is from Dory’s 1971 album Mythical Kings and Iguanas. She has appeared here on Coffee before and I described her as overlooked, missed by many. She wrote the lyrics to Valley of the Dolls which for some is Dory’s only claim to fame. That would change if people listened to her albums.

My friend sblake reminded me today is Dory’s 85th birthday, and I’m sending warm wishes.

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15 Comments on “Lady With the Braid: Dory Previn”

  1. hedley Says:

    85 (or 81 depending on what you are reading) huh ? wonder if she is still cranked at Mia Farrow…

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I almost played her anti-Mia song.

      I did see there were discrepancies with her listed birth year, but I figured she is a bit coy about her age so I went with the higher number.

  2. Rick OzTown Says:

    Is she kin to Andre?

    • sblake Says:

      She married Andre in 1959 and they were divorced in 1970 after a very famous affair that Andre had with Mia Farrow….

    • katry Says:

      sblake has answered that below.
      From Wikipedia,”She subsequently expressed her feelings regarding Farrow, and the end of her marriage in the song “Beware of Young Girls”, featured on her 1970 album On My Way to Where, featuring some acerbic, amusing and insightful lyrics, as can be seen in the excerpts below:

      “Beware of young girls who come to your door,
      Wistful and pale, twenty and four,
      Delivering daises with delicate hands.
      Beware of young girls, too often they crave,
      To cry at a wedding… And dance on a grave.”

      “She was my friend, my friend, my friend.
      She was invited to my house, Oh yes she was,
      And although she knew my love was true, and no ordinary thing,
      She admired my wedding ring, she admired my wedding ring.”

      “We were friends, oh yes we were,
      And she just took him from my life, oh yes she did.
      So young and vain, she brought me pain, but I’m wise enough to say,
      She will leave him one thoughtless day, she just leave him and go away, Oh yes.”

  3. buzz Says:

    I’m a big fan of her work, both as a songwriter and a singer (tho I think she shines more as a writer). Thanx for the upload!

    • katry Says:

      You are most welcome! I have all her albums. I figured it’s been so long a reintroduction might just be the thing.

  4. Ralph Says:

    Love Dory Previn and wish her earlier stuff would come out on CD. For some reason I was in the right place at the right time and caught her when she was fresh from the Farrow affair, still raw and very angry. The songs had such immediacy. Would love to hear them again.

    • katry Says:

      Which album do you mean? I am only missing the 1958 album recorded under her maiden name and Live at Carnegie Hall from 1974. That 1958 was way earlier than Mia and Andre so I’m guessing not. On the Way to Where is the only one earlier than this.

  5. Ralph Says:

    Just took a look at her discography and didn’t realize it was so extensive. Two of her albums were a constant soundtrack for me in the 70s. On My Way to Where and Reflections in a Mudpuddle.

    • katry Says:

      I’m surprised you didn’t list this one, Mythical Kings and Iguanas. I think it her best.

      When I can, I’ll burn the two of them for you and send them down.

  6. Ralph Says:

    I may have had that one but for some reason it made less of an impression–although I can recall something about that song about the Hollywood sign.

    Thanks for the offer of the CD!

    • katry Says:

      The album is called The Leprechauns Are Upon Me, and here is the song list:

      1. “Can’t We Be Enemies”
      2. “Lonely Girl In London”
      3. “Let Me Show You Off”
      4. “My Heart Is A Hunter”
      5. “The Leprechauns Are Upon Me”
      6. “Warm Winter Day”
      7. “Care Free Love”
      8. “No”
      9. “Sea Shells”
      10. “Many Sides”
      11. “Gooney Bird”
      12. “Just For Now”
      13. “Forget Me”

      Your earlier reference to Farrow makes me think you are thinking of On My Way to Where.

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