Morningtown Ride: Malvina Reynolds

This song was written by Malvina in 1957.  I got this version from a reissue of her self-titled 1971 album.

I most associate The Seekers with this song. Theirs was the first version I heard, and I always find first hearings stick in my head more than most others, but I do like going back and hearing the songwriter.

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11 Comments on “Morningtown Ride: Malvina Reynolds”

  1. greg mpls Says:

    i first encountered malvina reynolds in the late 60’s
    thanks to the 67cent bin at w t grants. i recently
    picked up a reissue…malvina reynolds still sings the truth

    • katry Says:

      I don’t think I found her until the 70’s, way after the fact. It was Little Boxes I first heard.

  2. Trevor H Dawson Says:

    I’ve always loved this song Morningtown Ride. There’s also a Christmas version called Morningtown Ride to Christmas. Did Melvina compose that into Christmas version as well?

    • katry Says:

      I have used the Christmas song here, and I went looking but couldn’t find out if Malvina had composed the lyrics. The song was released after The Seekers ahd gotten back together again for a bit.

      • Trevor H Dawson Says:

        Thank you Katry! The Christmas version only has a few lines here and there in Christmas terms and the remaining lyrics are the same so, at this point it would still be classified as Melvina Reynolds song. I think maybe one of the Seeker group members may have arranged or adapted the Christmas terms as Morningtown Ride to Christmas. However I have them on my Facebook site so I might try and track down Judith Durham or whoever is in control of the Seekers Facebook site. I’ll get back to you if I hear anything from them. Be interesting to know. Trevor!

      • katry Says:

        You are most welcome, Trevor, and please do get back to me of you find anything out about the Christmas song. You’ve got me curious.

      • Trevor H Dawson Says:

        Hi Katry! I got a reply from Peter Coyle (Facebook) in regards to MORNINGTOWN RIDE and MORNINGTOWN RIDE TO CHRISTMAS.

        Peter wrote “Trevor, the answer to your question is that the Christmas version of MR is a modification, by The Seekers. of the original. This was produced, I think , in 2001, long after Melvina had died and permission for the changes had to be obtained for her daughter (Nancy Schimmel) who was looking after her mother’s estate. I hope this is of interest to you”.
        Peter Coyle (Facebook).

        Ok, Katry I’ve done my research here I hope this was a big help to you too. APRA (AUSTRALIAN PERFORMING WRITES ASSOCIATION) would have the song registered in the name of Melvina Reynolds. I have the proof on sheet because I had to declare the royalties after recording it myself as I’m a singer, songwriter and recording artist myself. I have also recorded the Christmas version to be released on my Christmas album in November 2013. I declare royalties as I always do so the songwriter needs to be paid. Hope all this find you well. Thank you, Trevor Dawson.

  3. katry Says:

    Thank you for finding that out. I sort of figured that’s what it was, but it’s good to know. I think The Seekers did a great job of revising yet keeping the spirit of the original song. I’m a sucker for Christmas music, and I have always loved Morningtown Ride to Christmas.

    I did a bit of sleuthing too. Is that you on Facebook singing Rambling Rose?

    • Trevor H Dawson Says:

      Thank you Katy! Yes that is me singing RAMBLIN ROSE on youtube along with a heap of other videos of me singing cover songs and my own original songs. One day I might record myself singing MORNINGTOWN RIDE. You know I’ve even sung that song when I was 4 years old. It’s because it became such a big hit on the airwaves it was enough to have the song inside of someone’s head. I used to sing it along in class at school. It was sung by many children in schools. The Seekers, Peter Paul & Mary songs were very popular for school children back in the sixties I remember. Thanks and keep viewing my videos on youtube. I also have tracks on soundcloud and reverbnation sites. Thank you. Trevor Dawson.

      • katry Says:

        I will go back and listen to some more of your music. I enjoyed Ramblin Rose so I’d like to see what other songs you sing.

        I was a folk song fan from the beginning, and I swear 60’s music is the best of them all. I was in the Peace Corps and brought music with me (cassettes): Peter, Paul and Mary, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Crosby, Stills and Nash and I forget what else, but you can tell my taste from those.

        I listen to soundcloud so I give you a listen there too.

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