“Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.”

Last night it rained, but it rained so gently we sat outside, my friends and I, and let the drops cool us. After the rain, we wiped off the table and chairs, sat down and ate dinner together, a summer dinner of hot dogs and fresh corn. A breeze cooled the night air. The fireflies are back.

Today is hot but drier than yesterday. Nothing is moving. Gracie sleeps in the cool sand under the deck. When she surfaces, the bottom of her muzzle is covered with sand. She shakes her head and the sand flies all over. At least she’s cool.

Duke was the boxer we had for nearly fifteen years when I was growing up. On hot summer days, he’d walk through the water to the sprinkler, stop the whirling arms with his paw and take a cold drink. He’d let go of the sprinkler then shake off the wet as he walked away. An arc of water spread around him when he shook. It shined in the sunlight.

We never went camping when I was a kid. My father knew neat stuff like making a making a lean-to in the woods, and he loved to fish, but my mother wasn’t at all the outdoor type. I can’t imagine camping ever appealed to her. My brother and his friend used to camp in the woods near a lake a few miles from our house. He’d use a tarp for a tent and blankets for a sleeping bag. My brother brought Duke for protection against the unknown, but Duke wasn’t much for camping. He’d walk back home unless my brother tied him to a tree.

I never went camping in the woods, but I used to sleep in the backyard. My friend and I would put down a tarp then bring out our pillows and a few snacks. We’d both lie on our backs looking at the stars before falling asleep. There were so many stars when I was kid. The sky was filled with light, with a blanket of stars bright enough to read by. I loved lying there looking across the sky. It was so beautiful I felt almost giddy with wonder.

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6 Comments on ““Twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi, Kat.
    Well this post brought back memories. We also had a dog named Duke. He never went camping. He was afraid of thunder and hated water. He never left the street unless my father told him to find us. We knew if Duke showed up, we were wanted at home. We didn’t necessarily go right away but we knew we should. 🙂

    My cousin and I used to sleep out in my backyard. We had an old army surplus tent and a couple of army cots. The tent had no floor so the bugs came in and the cots were very uncomfortable. We could hear all the night sounds and that bothered my cousin and we’d end up going inside. Sometimes we would sleep in the attic of the old garage. We’d have flashlights and our comic books and maybe some snacks. Later on we had a very old cabinet radio that we could plug in and listen to music. It was usually very warm in the attic and smelled of dusty wood and wasp nests.

    • katry Says:

      Your Duke was pretty smart to know exactly what your dad wanted. Boxers don’t like water much at all.

      I love your description of the attic and the fun you had!

  2. Christer Says:

    83F here today but also a nice breeze. I´m glad i didn´t have to work today since I wa sgoing to the vet with Orvar. He might have arthritis so now we´ll test his mothers medicin for two weeks, If he still have this little limp they will xray him.

    Since we had our little cottage we never camped either. Well my brother and his friends could put up a tent and sleep outdoors just outside the lawn ofcourse. Even in Gothenburg we could see many more stars when I grew up. But nowdays there are so many lights one hardly see one there. Here in my village however it´s another thing. Very little light during the night and very many stars in the sky 🙂

    Have a great day now!

    • katry Says:

      By the afternoon, we had a great breeze, and Gracie and I sat outside.

      I hope Orvar will be okay.

      I always considered sleeping in the backyard camping.

  3. Zoey & Me Says:

    Stargazer! Add me to that list. I loved lying on my back and gazing at the stars. We pitched a tent in our backyard most summers and had sleep overs at least three times a week. Kids love to snoop around the neighborhood at midnight. Once we caught a robber breaking into cars and stealing flashlights and anything not pinned down. We ran home and had our Dad call the police. That was exciting which is why I remember it so clearly. But I don’t remember camping out in the woods other than the once a summer trip with the Boy Scouts to Lake Virginia.

    • katry Says:

      You’re right about sneaking around outside at night. It was a stealth move with us whispering the whole time.

      That is a great story about the thief.

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