“I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I didn’t believe in it when I was a hamster.”

Rain is predicted. Right now it is windy and damp. I have to do a dump trip today as it is closed the next two days. My car is almost loaded. I only have papers and boxes left.

Okay, I have returned. I left because everything was disconnected: no telephone, no internet so no computer and no TV applications. I decided to the dump run at that point then I went to the library parking lot to use their wi-fi to call Xfinity. The person I got frustrated me so much my stomach roiled. She claimed to forward me to help but she didn’t. We did that dance four times. Finally I got a woman who knew what to do. She hung with me from the library all the way home. We got the phone back, the internet on the computer but not on the TV. I lost her then. I decided to figure out the TV problem. I actually did it, figured it out. I now have all my apps back. I want to do a triumphant Rocky run up the steps.

I have a calendar of interesting facts. On Friday I learned rats laugh when you tickle them. That brings up a few questions. Who thought it might be a good idea to tickle a rat and why? Did the rat lie on his back with its legs in the air to have his belly tickled? How do rats laugh? I’m thinking they have a high pitched laugh, maybe even a giggle. I’m also thinking it might be a Willard and Ben sort of leisure activity.

When I was in high school, I had two hamsters, two male hamsters is what I was told. If they were, a miracle happened as one of them gave birth. I took the real male out of the cage as the fathers are known to munch or hurt their young to attract the attention of the Mrs. He got his own cage. The babies went to good homes. Unbeknownst to us, the hamster escaped by lifting the bar on the door. The cat found him and was playing with him in the tub. We saved the hamster. When one cage was too close to the rug, the hamster chewed the rug, brought pieces inside and made a comfy nest. The adults were kept apart. A while later the mother hamster got loose. We couldn’t find her. Later we found her behind the stove, the site of her demise. She had tried to chew the wire. Big mistake. After that we called my mother the Lord High Executioner.

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2 Comments on ““I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I didn’t believe in it when I was a hamster.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Last night and this morning we finally got some rain along with cooler temperatures. We started this cloudy day at a chilly 45° with a high of 55°. More rain is forecasted for tomorrow.

    My better half took me to lunch at Costco. They offer a large hot dog in a bun with a large soft drink for $1.50. It’s their own all beef dog. You get as many refills of Pepsi drinks you desire along with mustard, ketchup, and green relish. They used to offer chopped onions and kraut. Unfortunately, the kraut and onions were victims of the Covid pandemic.

    Costco is a good place to get some walking exercise on a rainy day and a cheap lunch. 🙂

    We have had Spectrum cable TV and high speed internet for nearly the the three years we have lived here. Fortunately, we have had very few outages. Maybe one or two for a very short time such as five or ten minutes. It’s not cheap but it has been reliable.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We got rain later than predicted, but it was a great rain, a downpour. Your temps are about what ours were. Yesterday my sister got 2 1/2 inches of snow in Colorado, and she isn’t in the mountains.

      I’ve never been to a Costco. There isn’t one on the cape. I don’t even know where the closest one is but it has to be off cape. I love hot dogs but am not a fan of Pepsi.

      Hyannis is the big city (as if) around here. It is the only place with big chain stores like Home Depot. There is no Sam’s Club but there is a B.J’s. I don’t shop there as I have no need for big items.

      Whatever happened didn’t show at Xfinity. The woman said she saw no problems in my area or at my house so she was stumped. All six devices showed they were connected. She worked through the problems, and I solved the hold-out, the TV apps. We seldom have outages with Xfinity. Today was strange.

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