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“It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.”

July 20, 2019

Today I am not leaving my house. I have the air conditioner blasting to combat the outside heat and humidity. It is ugly out there. I figure I’ll change my bed and do laundry then I’ll just read, relax and enjoy the cool house. I’ll order dinner. I’m thinking a burger and fries, sort of an all American meal.

Fifty years ago I was in the midst of my Peace Corps training. I was living for three weeks in Bawku, Ghana where Hausa was spoken, the language I was learning. I was living with Imoru Sanda and his family. He always spoke Hausa to me while his daughter, my hostess, spoke mostly English. I taught middle school for a couple of weeks. I had to bike to the school as it was outside the town. Every day the nine of us learning Hausa met for lunch and more language training at the house of a volunteer. We often listened to Voice of America, our only way of knowing what was happening at home. On the day of the moon landing, we stay later than usual to listen to the broadcast. All of us were glued to the radio sort of like the Waltons used to be when they sat around each evening listening to Edgar Bergen. That step happened at 7: 17, Ghanaian time. We could hear Armstrong’s actual words as he stepped off the ladder and said them. Even on the radio it was amazing.

I never saw the film of the landing until long after I arrived home. I never doubted what I had heard and, later, what I saw. 6% of Americans believe it was the landing was a hoax staged at Area 51 or in Hollywood. Last Saturday we watched Capricorn One. It was about a fake Mars landing filmed on a sound stage. This movie gave more credence to the fake moon landing theory.

I found this when I went looking for information about the landing, “One astronaut who actually walked on the moon in 1969 had no tolerance for those who call it a massive hoax. When one conspiracy theorist challenged Buzz Aldrin and called him a liar, Aldrin punched him in the face.”

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