“Never run in the rain with your socks on.”

It rained, but I missed it, and no more rain is predicted. The day is cloudy and cold, 51° cold. The leaves are being buffeted by a constant wind. It is a day to stay close to heath and home.

Yesterday I finished the move from here to there and back again. The chore went like this. I moved the photo albums, but I looked through them first. Two were my family, but the rest I had bought. My favorite album chronicles a trip through Italy in the late 1930’s with pictures, postcards and commentary. I wondered why families would give up such a treasure. Perhaps, I thought, the people in the photos passed away, and the albums had no emotional value to the rest of the family. Anyway, it took a while to figure out where to put the albums. Finally, I was left with an empty spot. Next, I removed almost everything from the kitchen shelf. The books, now dusted, went on the spot formerly held by the albums. Everything else from the shelf went on the counter. I cleaned the shelf then found the dishes stored in the Peterborough basket and moved them to the empty shelf. Finally, I washed the stuff originally from the shelf then found places to put them. Chore ended. I was hot and sweaty but triumphant.

This is the rainy season in Bolga. The fields are green. Millet is growing high. The dust has disappeared, but the bugs have reappeared. The light in my living room, a simple bulb, hung from the ceiling. I made a lamp shade for it out of a Bolga basket. Below the basket was a circle of light, the circumference of the basket. Every night the circle was black, filled in by the dead bugs attracted to the light.

Today I declare a sloth day. My larder is filled. The groceries were delivered yesterday. My fridge is overflowing. I have all my favorites. I’ve almost finished my book but have more waiting in the wings. I’ll stay in my cozies. Today is a good day.

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4 Comments on ““Never run in the rain with your socks on.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today we are supposed to get some rain. However right now the sun is shining. The predicted high temperature is only a pleasant 86°. 🙂

    When my mother in law moved out of her condominium into a retirement apartment, after 34 years, she had saved several truckloads of stuff. She was sadly informed by an art dealer that what she thought was valuable artwork was just more worthless junk. When we pass on, what will happen to our seemingly valuable possessions? Most likely they will wind up in the nearest landfill. The only thing my daughter will want are the photo albums before we started taking digital photos.

    I also have a slough day planned with only two items on the agenda. One is getting my car inspected so I can register it by the end of the month and the other is to buy a couple of pairs of shoelaces. One of my dress shoes for work, the she lace is getting worn.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Pleasant 86°! Ha!! Right now, at nearly 6, it is only 48°. My feet are cold!

      There is a Peace Corps museum so I hope my sisters will bring my Africa treasures there. I do have pieces which are valuable. I priced them a while back in an antiquities store. I have a great deal of Simon Pearce glass, also valuable, some siver and some Bellek from Ireland. My sister has already put dibs on some of my stuff. I hope my grands get something.

      I hope you enjoyed your sloth day. I have enjoyed mine.

      • Bob Says:

        Just when you have everything planned, it doesn’t always work. I took my car to the place where I took it last year. They are a car wash and they used to give you a free wash with a safety inspection. Then I went to Walmart and they were out of she laces the length I needed. After finding the nearby Target store was also out of black shoe laces, so I went to another Target store and they had one pair left. I took the car to the dealer for the inspection. It took about an hour but they also washed the car. 🙂 A free car wash and a bottle of cold water were good things.

      • katry Says:

        I hate when plans go wonky. You had to go far longer than you anticipated. What’s with the run on black shoelaces? Nice that they washed your car!

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