“When I was a kid, the only way I saw movies was from the back seat of my family’s car at the drive-in.”

This morning I had a late start then I just took my time with my coffee and newspaper. The dogs are sleeping after their run in the yard in the heat of a beastly morning. It is already 88° with heavy humidity, and the weather won’t get much better all day. The only saving grace is a breeze, a strong breeze, almost a wind at times. The sun comes and goes but mostly comes. My house is cool, but I do need to get out and do a few things or maybe not. I have, of late, been prone to staying in the house. I could start house chores like doing the dreaded laundry, only a single load this time, or washing the kitchen floor covered in dog prints, but I admit I am essentially a sloth.

When I was a kid, Saturdays, in the summer, were unplanned because my father did his weekend chores. He’d bring his shirts, aways white shirts, uptown to the Chinese laundry and pick up last week’s shirts, cleaned and starched. He’d mow the lawn and put out the sprinkler on the side yard, the part of the yard with the most grass. Sometimes we’d go to the drive-in on Saturday nights, always dressed in our pajamas. The first movie, when most kids were still awake, was a family movie. The second movie was for adults, not an adult film, but a film adults would enjoy. I always stayed awake.

When I worked, the weekends always had the same pattern. Saturday was my play day. Sunday was for chores like changing my bed, doing the laundry and going to the dump. On Sunday evenings I’d correct papers and prepare lessons.

My friends and I used to go to the Dennis Drive-In which no longer exists. Other than the entry road, it was circled by trees. We knew the mosquitos were relentless so we slathered our arms and legs with insect repellent. We brought a picnic basket packed with dinner. It was high end movie food: crackers and cheese, a couple of dips, maybe a sandwich or two, chips, candy and mixed drinks in a thermos. Sometimes we sat outside the car to watch the movie. That drive-in was small, almost cozy, and was my favorite drive-in of all time. Even now, when I pass by where it used to be, I’m struck with nostalgia, with a longing of how it used to be.

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4 Comments on ““When I was a kid, the only way I saw movies was from the back seat of my family’s car at the drive-in.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Golly gosh, I was so sad to read this morning of the passing of Judith Durham. All those many years ago it was the Seekers that first brought me to KTCC.
    I am not sure how many years have passed sense but waving at Judith for her wonderful musical legacy

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Thanks for letting me know. You know I am a huge fan of The Seekers. I’m glad they led you here!!!

      I’ll post their music tomorrow.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    We are in a terrible drought including 60 days without rain and we are behind15 inches of rain for the year. We broke the 21 day streak of 100° days and today It was a cool 99°. 🙂

    When I was a kid we never went to the drive in movies. My parents didn’t like the idea of watching movies in the car. Once I was in college going to a drive in movie was an opportunity to pay lots of attention to my date and little attention to the actual film. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I think most of us are in a drought. We haven’t had rain for more than a month though north of us did get rain, a thunderstorm.

      For us, this is a heatwave, in the mid to low 80’s every day with miserable humidity making the air feel as if it were in the high 90’s. It will be the same this whole week.

      We often went to the drive-in. We loved it. My parents packed popcorn and candy and made drinks for the Tartan Jug. Even as an adult, my friends and I went to the drive-in.

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