“It isn’t magic, but whose never felt better after a cookie?”

The sky is the deepest blue I think I have ever seen. It is stunning. The air is wonderfully clear. Everything is quiet, nothing is stirring. Even the smallest branches are stillheavy with snow. Icicles hang off my roof line. They break when I open the front door. It is cold, at 26˚, but warmer than it has been. The dogs are loving this weather. They chase each other around the yard. I don’t love it as much.

Skip is coming to clean up the front, uncover my mailbox and shovel the back stairs. He’ll put the cow away until next Christmas. I can handle the donkey. I’ll also have him take some of the trash from the car as his dump is open. I wish he did laundry.

I am going out today for a curbside pick-up of dog food and a few cans of cat food. I’ll order from Agway. Curbside is my second favorite right behind delivery. I don’t even have to get dressed.

When I was a kid, my mother grocery shopped on Fridays. She didn’t drive back then so my father had to take her. We loved it after she shopped. The larder was filled. There were cookies galore. We even had choices of cookies, at least for a couple of days. Oreos were a staple. Sometimes she’d buy chocolate chip cookies. I also remember Pecan Sandies. They were my mother’s favorite so she used to hide them from us. I remember Nilla Wafers. I always thought they were called Vanilla Wafers. It was a shock to find out otherwise. My mother also bought the week’s school lunch desserts which we were not allowed to touch upon pain of death.

School is out on the cape today. Many roads and sidewalks have not been plowed or have only been lightly plowed. Skip was out doing his big plow jobs yesterday. He said the snow was horrific. He got stuck a few times, and the snow was so heavy it was slow going moving it. Today he is doing the houses. I am third on his list.

My cable box is still not working. Xfinity called yesterday to see if it was still not working. I said yes and that it was stuck on the welcome page. The disembodied voice asked the same questions I’d already be asked and had already answered twice before. The man decided to restart it. What a surprise. He said it is working as we are on the welcome screen. I told him again that the box stays on that screen. I told three times. He tried to start it one more time: nothing but the welcome screen. He said he’d try again and call me today, but if I wanted, I could return the broken box and get another. Nope, I’m staying with that appointment. I also think I might just define insanity for him, about expecting different results.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Winter weather brings all kind of problems. My 24 year old son has announced to my wife, he won’t talk to me, that we have to stock up for the possibility of some frozen precipitation on Thursday. The weather prognosticators are predicting the coldest temperatures of the season with lows in the mid to upper teens for not more than 48 hours. The CEO of the state electric provider, ERCOT, has been saying all weekend that they have winterized their power plants since Yello Knife Canada came to visit us last Valentine’s Day. My spouse has already announced we will be running water slowly from all the taps to prevent frozen pipes regardless if the electricity remains on or not. I would rather have a slightly higher water bill than a burst pipe. 🙂

    How many feet of snow did you get over the weekend? We might get an inch or two of frozen stuff. However, if it’s sleet or freezing rain it is worse than having the same amount of snow when it comes driving. I’m going to work from home regardless.

    I’m thinking of cutting the cable and just having Spectum provide internet service. I’m understand that I can get the local TV stations via YouTube for a small fee and watch everything else on Hulu, YouTube, Netflix or Prime. I’m sure that Spectrum will jack up the high speed internet service fee when I drop the cable service. I’m not doing anything until spring.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I live in the winter region and have never turned water on during a winter storm, and I haven’t ever had my pipes burst. Actually, I don’t know anyone who has. The worst was we went 3 days with no heat. The house got down to 37˚ and no burst pipes.

      We got about 18″ of snow, less than north of us in the Boston area where they got close to 2 feet.

      It will be in the 40’s the next couple of days. That is quite a change from the single digits we had the other night. It’s like summer.

      I have been watching TV on my computer. All the channels are there with Comcast and are streamed live. I’m watching the localness right now.

      • Bob Says:

        For one thing we don’t have basements and the pipes are buried in the concrete foundation slab. Because we have a two story house the pipes have to go upstairs to the bathrooms. The insulation in the walls is designed for less cold temperatures than in northern places.

        During the big arctic freeze we had temperatures, as low as -7°F which is unheard of, and were below freezing for five days. Without the heat it got below freezing inside the house and water pipes froze up unless they were kept running. The splitting of the pipes usually occurs when the temperature warms up as the ice begins to melt. It was a mess everywhere. Some people were living in hotels for over six months while their homes were repaired. The shortage of building supplies during last summer didn’t help the situation. The insurance industry is suing ERCOT for $10 billion dollars they paid out in water damage claims during the freeze.

      • katry Says:

        I didn’t realize you have no basements. The older cape houses don’t either. I have a walk-in basement, but one of our houses didn’t have one. Why are there no basements?

        It is true. Our houses have to be well insulated against the cold. Good luck to the insurance companies trying to get money back. I wis them well!!!

        We seldom get below zero unless you factor in the wind chill. On the cape, the wind is often off the water making the air damper and colder.

      • Bob Says:

        We can’t have basements unless you want to have extremely thick concrete walls which would cost a fortune. Our soil is mostly clay and it expands and contracts depending upon the moisture content. Early houses in the DFW area were built on piers and beams with the plumbing running through the crawl space under the floor.

        Builders began using concrete slabs in the 1950s and the slabs would crack because the soil under the outer edges would dry out in the summer and the soil in the center of the slab would expand cracking the slab. This created a major industry of jacking up the slab and supporting it with piers that go down to bedrock.

        Modern slabs are poured on soil that has been compressed and the slab is pretensioned. Steel rods running through the slab are tensioned with bolts at the ends of the rods as the concrete dries. Supposedly, this will help keep it from cracking. This allows the slab to teeter totter instead of cracking. However, the best advice to homeowners is to water the foundation regularly in the dry summer months to keep the soil around the foundation edges moist. Soaker hoses work well along with having a sprinkler system.

        Eventually, no matter what you do cracks will appear in your walls near door frames and windows indicating that the foundation has shifted. Then, you call a foundation repair company and write them a large check to repair the foundation. If your foundation has problems you can’t sell your house because mortgage companies won’t write a mortgage on a house with foundation issues that are not repaired. Usually, foundation repair companies will give the homeowner a transferable warranty. Foundation issues along with tornadoes are the price we pay to not have large snowstorms and hurricanes. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Wow! That is fairly complicated. You have so much to think about when building a house there. Our soil is sandy as you would expect.

        It seems like a never ending proposition, staying ahead of foundation cracks. If it is your company, you’ll always have work.

        Thanks, that was interesting.

  2. Christer. Says:

    12,2F here this morning when I drove Nova to the vet. Everything went well but I got a call from, the beekeeper when I was about to drive home that Alma had escaped the dog yard, so fun when it takes 45 minutes to get home 🙂 🙂 🙂 The Beekeeper helped me though and now I have to fix the place where she got out. That dog is driving me insane 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It wasn’t that cold here but was close. Both dogs have short fur. I do have coats for them but they go out on their own so fast I don’t catch them.

      Nala still steals stuff. I have kept the door closed when it gets windy so she gets caught stealing. She is the one driving me insane!

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