“The love of old things is a way of respecting time.”

The snow flurries are pillowy, sort of drifting instead of falling. The morning is cold, but it is a bit warmer than last night. Right now it is 19˚ but it feels like 7˚according to my Google. The sky is lighter than it was earlier this morning, but the flurries are still here. They are blowing north to south. I’m glad I have no need to leave the house. I’ll just experience today vicariously by looking out the den window.

Every time I walk around the house I either straighten something, sweatshirt dust a table or move stuff. I’m beginning to think I need to close my eyes and feel my way to the kitchen.

I think I’m content. My fridge is full. Books are piled on the table. The trash is gone. I don’t have enough laundry yet to pile. The house is cozy and warm. Henry and Jack are upstairs sleeping. Gwen always stays upstairs, but I think she might be sleeping too. I’m watching reruns of Grimm. The sun poked out for maybe a minute, maybe two. That’s hopeful.

When I was a kid, the floor of my closet was a jumbled pile. On the top were the shoes I last wore. I have no idea what was on the bottom. I never needed to go that far down. The pile always grew from the top.

I have bowls exactly like the ones my mother always used when I was a kid, four nested Fire King bowls with tulips on them. My mother and I were at an antique market together when we saw a lady put the familiar tulip bowls on her shop shelf. I picked them up right away, and I bought them. I have a round wooden nut bowl which has a nutcracker, an old silver metal cracker, in a hole in the top of the bowl. My mother used to fill one like it with nuts for us at Thanksgiving as a snack while we watched the parade. I use my bowl on the table at Thanksgiving as a decoration, as a memory.

I really liked finding those bowls, those pieces of my childhood, even if it was in an antique store.

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4 Comments on ““The love of old things is a way of respecting time.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Mrs MDH and I are locked up. We have one week to go until the second date with my muse Ms Pfizer.

    We are expecting a full day of snow and I have been touching up the driveway from the last one so that the Toro can work it’s Magic down to the blacktop.

    I think our big excitement for the weekend will either be the arrival of the amazon truck bring the Ralph Steadman book and the new Steven Wilson CD, or watching “The Dig” on Netflix , had excellent reviews so I am looking forward to it

    Music is flowing, I am plonked on the sofa and counting away the days for the second shot

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I cannot even book an appointment for a shot. The over 65 phase isn’t here yet. Some time this coming month. I do keep checking. Meanwhile, I am home.

      The flurries disappeared and the sun came out. It is still really cold but no snow is predicted here. Who knows? The track could change.

      No excitement here this weekend.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Every closet I ever had since marriage has been piled with stuff on the floor. My spouse says she hates stacks, but she creates most of them. I determined a long time ago that bringing up your spouse’s faults is not a key to a long nor happy marriage. 🙂

    Today we had rain early this morning with clouds and they gave way to bright sunshine and very strong westerly winds. The wind has been gusting up to nearly 50 MPH. However the temperature is in the mid 70s which is unsually warm even for North Texas in late January.

    In 1955 we made a trip out west to Disneyland and Las Vegas. My parents bought an entire set of dishes in the modern style in Los Angeles. The only thing left is the salt and pepper shaker which I inherited from my father. We still have them somewhere as a remembrance of my parents. I can’t remember which one is for my mother and which for my dad. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      After WWII, my father brought back some beautiful glasses from Belgium. The four of them always stood on the top shelf of the hutch. When we broke up my parents’ house, we each got one glass. Mine sits in my hutch, top shelf.

      The sun stayed all afternoon but it was still cold. Tonight is even colder. There is a storm coming next week, and that is the only prediction of snow so far. I hope the winter continues to be as snowless as it has been so far.

      I have a chair which was made for me when I was three. My mother gave it to me when I moved into this house. I haven’t many family pieces so I’m glad for the chair.

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