Hound Dog: Big Mama Thornton

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4 Comments on “Hound Dog: Big Mama Thornton”

  1. Bob Says:

    Unfortunately, this song was popularized by Elvis Presley. In the 1950s record producers didn’t think white audiences would buy or listen to black performers. They even produced records aimed at black audiences called, “Race records”.

    We’ve only come a very small distance from where we have to be to become a truly non racist society. The Republicans, under Trump are blatantly using race as a wedge issue to attract white suburban voters. The scare tactics are, if you elect Democrats, then the dark skinned socialists will come into your neighborhood and, rape your woman, take your guns and all your stuff that you worked for all your life. Democrats will give those people the things that you worked for and that they didn’t. White suburbanites are willing to destroy democracy for a benign dictatorship that keeps them in a position of power.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Big Mama’s recording was the first. If I can find them, I like to post the first versions. Besides, I am not an Elvis fan.

      Those were the same scare tactics used in the 50’s. Blacks were coming to take over the suburbs. People did get scared, and we got Eisenhower. The polls I’ve seen this election cycle show this tactic isn’t getting a lot of credence with the housewives target by the ads. They feel affronted.

      • Bob Says:

        Unfortunately, on Election Day people vote with the interests of their pocketbooks regardless that the guy who claims to protect their wealth is a shmuck. We must never forget that Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany after writing Mein Kampf where he spelled out in great detail his plans for the Jews and other minorities.

        My biggest fear is that Trump will claim, if Biden wins, that the election was invalid because of voter fraud, declare martial law and rule as a dictator until he dies. Scary thoughts.

      • katry Says:

        You forget I live in Massachusetts. Here, people are less inclined to vote by pocketbook. It is blue almost all the way though with only a few errant choices.

        I understand why the fear!!

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