“Everybody should have a shelter dog. It’s good for the soul.”

I’m behind closed doors again. The AC is blasting, doing its best to cut through humidity so thick you can see droplets in the air. The morning is dark, closed in by the clouds. Not a single oak tree leaf is moving in the thick air. The forecast is for rain today and tomorrow.

My downstairs bathroom has a theme, school days. A small old desk holds hand towels, an open folding blackboard has old rulers and Ding Dong School artifacts. I never looked when I was told to leave the room so I still wonder what Miss Francis told my mother. There are school books in the desk and school pictures from way back. The long black and white picture over the sink is my eighth grade class picture. We are dressed in our graduation finest. Those were the days of puffy dresses. I barely recognize myself.

Henry notified me that someone was outside. When I opened the door, I saw three boxes. The smallest box was for Henry, his chews. He’s already chomping on one. The other two boxes were my fruits and vegetables: limes, avocados, 2 ears of corn, pea pods, a yellow pepper, tomatoes, and I forget what else. I’m set until the next delivery.

Yesterday I went to the dump. My car was loaded. After that I was going to do a bit of shopping, but I decided to go home. I don’t generally go out for long, but I will tomorrow. I’m taking my car in for servicing so I’ll have to sit there wearing my mask and avoiding people.

Henry has a vet’s appointment for a check-up, lime test and some shots. It scares me. Henry hates the car so when I go to the vet’s I have to stand in front of the back car door blocking him from escaping. Now, I can’t go in with Henry. They come and get him. I have told them of my fears. They said they’d make a note of it. I hope a note’s enough. I do have a halter for him, but he’s not a fan. He chewed through three of them. Maybe I’ll get lucky with number four if I can get it on him.

My sister wants current Henry pictures. I tried this morning. When Henry saw my phone, he ran upstairs. When he came down, he stayed in the hall staring at me. I put my phone away. He came back into the den. Henry is a peculiar dog with all sorts of fears. Some are allayed by medication and familiarity. Henry’s tail is responsible for scaring him. It’s a big tail. Sometimes when he wags it, the tail hits stuff which falls. The other day it was an old, metal noise maker. Henry ran so fast he slid across the floor. I’d say poor Henry, but he has me.

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  1. hedley Says:

    Well get yourself ready for this Kat

    Introducing The Joni Mitchell Archives.
    Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963 – 1967) debuts 10/30.

    Joni is rolling out Archives boxsets – The first one is 5 discs of home recordings and shows primarily in MI. You can click though here and take a look


    Frankly its all a bit early for me, but I would be very interested when they get up around Court and Spark. We will see how this develops.

    • katry Says:

      Be still my heart!! I agree about the earliest stuff. The first album I bought was Song to a Seagull, and I thought it was the first so I am curious about this first boxset. I love Clouds because of my history with that album. I think Blue is either among her best or is her best.

      Thanks so much! Maybe I need to do a fund-raiser on Facebook!!

      • hedley Says:

        I would guess I am about 3 boxsets down the road. I would guess somewhere around 72 when For the Roses kicked in.

        We will see what her Joniness rolls out for us

      • katry Says:

        I start in 1968 so I guess Box 2, but the boxes seem to have nearly identical years. My set just have Chelsea Morning.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    First of all, I like the new header on the blog. Change is good every once in awhile. I had to look twice to see the sugar cubes on the saucer. My paternal grandparents would drink hot tea from a glass instead of a cup. They would hold the sugar cube in their front teeth and sip the tea over the cubes. By the time I came around their front teeth were long gone. They both wore dentures.

    I agree that anyone who wants a pet should never buy one from a breeder when there are so many animals available for adoption in shelters. Of course, we should not forget the many rescue groups for those who want to adopt a particular full bred dog. We have rescued two retired racing Greyhounds who make wonderful pets. Unfortunately, the efforts to end dog racing in the U.S. has been very successful except that it moved the “sport” to third world countries, including Mexico. The betters don’t care where the track is located as long as they can place bets on the dogs. How do you think the breeders treat the dogs who lose when their governments mistreat their own people? 🙁

    Today the rain has stopped but the sky is still cloudy. Yesterday afternoon and evening we had a lot of just heavy steady rainfall. I had to go to the dentist this morning and needed a light jacket. At ten o’clock it was 59° or 15°C. Today’s high is only going to get to 70°. This is the first day that neither of my two central air conditioners have been silent since we moved in at the end of July. The weather prognosticators are forecasting temperatures all week no higher than 89°. I’m not holding my breath thinking we are done with temperatures in the 90s for the year. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      In Russia and then later in Morocco, tea was served in glasses. In Morocco it was mint tea. In Russia it was strong tea. The sugar cubes were served on the saucer.

      My boxers came from breeders. When Gracie died, I couldn’t afford a boxer. I was going to wait then I saw Henry, my special needs dog. I’ve had the cats a year now. Gwen still doesn’t come all the way downstairs. I spend time with her upstairs. All of my animals eat healthier than I do.

      Wow, it was a really low temperature in the morning. I think 70˚ is an ideal temperature. Right now it is 75˚ with a thunder storm predicted for later. The next few days will be dry and in the 70’s. That is fall!

      • Bob Says:

        Of course, my grandparents came from Eastern Europe which is now part of Poland. My paternal grandparents were very orthodox and a glass is always considered kosher because it’s non porous.

        My grandparents could always drink a glass of tea in anyone’s house. I remember that they always drank from memorial candle glasses. Every year on the anniversary of a person’s death, it’s traditional to light a candle in their memory that will burn for 24 hours. Those memorial candles filled a normal size drinking glass with wax. After all the wax was burned, my grandmother would wash out the wax and add that glass to her collection. She had several because members of my grandparents family were victims of the Holocaust.

      • katry Says:

        I have some Moroccan tea glasses. They are red with a design in gold around the bottom to the middle. I haven’t used them. I should.

        When I was a kid, the church had a large candle holder along the front of the church. You lit one of the candles, in the glass, in memory of someone and it stayed lit but I don’t know how long. Your poor grandmother.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Speaking of school memories, just a few days ago a friend wrote that it’s exactly 50 years ago since our first school day when we first met. Half a century later we’re still friends. And old 😉

    • katry Says:

      Not so old, 50 years.

      I have a friend I met in the first grade. We both went to the same Catholic high school and then ended up going to the same college. That’s amazing.

    • katry Says:

      Look above for the reply, please.

  4. im6 Says:

    Oh, how I remember Miss Frances (Frances Horwich). What’s funny is how I thought she was soooooo old. As it turns out she wasn’t all that old, but (like many “older” people at the time) only looked and dressed and acted old. She was only 48 in 1955. Heck, Madonna is now 50. Compare the two.

    • katry Says:

      I also remember her. On one show, I remember she was showing how to hold a baby or something similar. Her wrist was a little thick, and I remember she had a skinny little watch.

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