“God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.”

Rain is coming. It will arrive this evening and stay a couple of days. We really need that rain. Everything is dry, but right now it is only cloudy. The once in a while breeze is from the north. I always hate anything coming from the north. That usually means heavy duty storms with crippling snow or a deluge of rain. I have to go out for a bit so I hope the rain holds off until I finish a couple of errands.

When I was a kid, I never knew much of what was going on outside of my little town except for sports, mostly the Red Sox. I never watched the news, but I did know about possibly being blasted into oblivion by the atomic bomb. I am of the duck and cover generation. I believed crouching under my desk would save my life from the bomb.

Every other year I had nuns as teachers. They had a bit of mystery about them as most were totally covered by their habits. We used to try and guess the color of our nun’s hair under her wimple. They all made noise, the clinking of rosary beads against each other when they walked. It was our forewarning sound. The nun is coming. The nun is coming.

I am finally acknowledging the heat. It has been in the low 80’s the last couple of days, but I was okay with the heat until the humidity arrived. The air has been so thick you can feel the moisture. Yesterday I turned on the AC. I slept wonderfully and was even chilly enough to get a blanket.

The screens have been put into the two doors. Henry hasn’t left the front. He announces every sound in case a stranger might be around so I’m still working on Henry not barking. I go to him as soon as he barks. I talk to him and pat him, and so far, he has stopped barking each time. I’m going too keep trying to stop his extraneous barking.

My house is clean. The laundry is out of sight. It is downstairs next to the washer. I’ll get to it some time. I always do.

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6 Comments on ““God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    No duck and cover here I think, my generation grew up with weekly siren tests and supersonic military aircraft bangs, both terribly loud. Unfortunately they want to bring back the sirens including regular tests since old-fashioned antenna radios are on decline.
    Normal summer weather here, mid 60s and some rain, which is great for a change. Meanwhile it’s just unfamiliar to look at the sky or the weather report to plan errands. Biking in the rain is okay but not really fun. Grocery shopping tomorrow, no rain.

    • katry Says:

      I wonder what the generation behind me did, if anything. I think by then the powers that made us duck and cover had learned that hiding under desks would not save us or even save the building.

      It got hot here today and stayed humid. The rain will be coming later tonight. I think we’ll get an inch or two.

      Stay safe!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I remember ‘Duck and Cover’. If the Ruskies did send the nuclear warheads I always wondered how much my school desk would protect me. Sometimes we would duck in the hallway instead of under the desk which made more sense because there were no windows.

    Here it can get hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk. I never tried it as a kid because my mother wouldn’t give me the eggs to waste. However, the tar strips in the concrete expansion joints in the street would bubble up and we would squish them with our sneakers. This weekend we should hit the century mark or higher. It could be worse, I could be living in Phoenix. 🙁

    I have worked everyday this week in the training center and it was wonderful. It’s not just the work but being with my coworkers. Seeing them, although separated and wearing masks, was terrific. The only good thing about this pandemic is the lack of traffic. I think working from home will become a normal situation into the future and has reduced the pollution, greenhouse gases and saved money. Because I anticipate a lot more working from home we’re moving to a new home much closer to my work in a couple of weeks. The furlough and lockdown showed me that we need more room where everyone will have a place to get away from each other. To me the word move is a bad four letter word. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We also ducked in the hallway. To practice there we had to be against the hallway wall, crouched down on our knees with our head covered with our hands.

      I left my cool house to go out with Henry and gasped from the humidity. We are expecting rain starting later tonight, and it will be heavy, maybe as much as 2 inches. It may also rain on Sunday, but I’m not complaining as we really do need the rain. I’ve been watering the flowers on the deck. I have an irrigation system for the lawn and front garden.

      I saw my friends on July 4th. That was the first social thing I’ve done since the quarantine started. It was wonderful being with other people so I understand how glad you were to see your coworkers.

      Wow, you are moving quickly on your new house, but I can. understand why. Everybody needs a private place. It is good you are closer to work because after this is either over or controlled the cars will be back. Like you, I agree working from home will become normal.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Rain and a lazy thunderstorm here most parts of teh day. Nice rain though, no heavy showers. They say it’ll be warmer early next week but I know how often they are wrong 🙂 🙂

    My home isn’t clean but I have vacation so it can stay that way 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      No rain fell today, and the afternoon got quite warm. I turned on the house AC in the afternoon. It is still cranking to cool the house.

      The breeze is strong, and we’re back to dark clouds again.

      No cleaning while on vacation. I think the is world wide law!

      Enjoy your day!!

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