“February is the border between winter and spring.”

This has been the prettiest stretch of weather. Today is even warmer than yesterday, and and the sky is the deepest blue. I stood for a bit and took in all that sky when I went for the papers. What a pretty day!

I noticed green shoots in the front garden are showing their tips. This is early, but the shoots only the weather and not the time. It has been warm and in the 40’s for a good portion of the month. If this were late March or early April, we’d be talking spring.

My childhood self would think me old with my wrinkles and bad back but be impressed with all my traveling as I was eleven when I vowed to out-travel Marty Barrett who went to England to visit his grandmother. Barrett’s disease I called it. I was finally cured when I went to Ghana.

No one I knew had been as far away as Ghana. No one knew much about it. I read books recommended by Peace Corps and all the material I was sent about Ghana, but none of it captured the essence of Ghana. I still remember standing on the steps outside the plane waiting my turn to disembark. I looked around as I waited. I remember palm trees, my first. I remember the thick air, the humidity. Every growing thing was green. I watched out the bus window for a while on our way to Winneba, our first training site. I saw kiosks along the sidewalks and along the edge of the road, most in the shade. I fell asleep after that.

I changed my desktop background which is why Ghana came to mind. I put on the picture of a dirt road in Bawku. Small stores made of concrete border it. There are tin awnings and roofs, all rusted. People are walking or riding bicycles and some are walking carrying loads on their heads, all women. It was Ghana in 2011. It was also the same street in 1969, the only difference being a woman motorcyclist on a Honda in the most recent shot. I love this picture. I love Ghana, and this picture always reminds me of why.

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4 Comments on ““February is the border between winter and spring.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    So far this has been the second wettest and warmest February since they have been keeping records and February still has a week to go. Unfortunately, Bernie is the early Democratic front runner and he is the least likely candidate to beat Trump regardless of the polls. Medicare for all is a pipe dream that will never pass Congress and folks will vote against anyone who threatens their private healthcare. My biggest fear is that Trump loses the election and refuses to leave the whitehouse. Since his acquittal in the Senate he has said he’s the king and can do anything he desires. As commander in Chief would the military protect him?:-(

    Sunny and warm today with a high of 65 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      This is the second warmest February ever. Three of the top warm February’s have been in the last few years. No Global warming!

      I agree about Bernie and his health is an issue for me. I still don’t know who I’m voting for in this primary.

      If he loses, Trump would say the election is fake results so he can say in the White House.

      It was really warm here, in the high 50’s and it reached 60˚in Boston, but the cold is coming.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Quite the opposite weather here. The first cranes arrived a couple of days ago so naturally we now have our first snowstorm for the winter and the snow will stay at least the rest of the week. I’m not too happy about it, the only one that is is Sune 🙂 🙂

    I just read an artikle that Ghana is the most popular country to travel to for Americans wanting to see Africa 🙂 After how You’ve described the country I understand why 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      We have had such warm days lately I don’t even mind the rainy ones. February’s warmth is a new record of high temperatures.

      English is the national language in Ghana which is a good reason to go though you do need a good ear to “hear” Ghanaian English. They say the same about American English.

      I have been watching a new vlog I found called Northern Heart. It is Northern Sweden. Check it out:

      Have a great evening!

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