“Someone once threw me a small, brown, hairy kiwi fruit, and I threw a wastebasket over it until it was dead.”

Last night it started to rain, actually it poured and kept pouring. When I woke up, it was still raining. Now it comes and goes. The day is ugly. I feel a nap coming on.

I had my last uke lesson of the session this morning. A new session will begin the first Thursday in March. I’m still having trouble with a few of the three finger chords. My friend Clare suggested playing those chords over and over. I have done that but not enough. I’ll use my two week break to practice those difficult for me chords.

When I was a kid, I wondered if the clouds would run out of rain. They never did. Words like weather and climate meant little to me. Climate was something I read about in my geography book. The desert was dry, the rain forest wet. As for weather, I thought about rain and snow and sun. It wasn’t until I was older that I figured out why they called him the weatherman on TV. Every morning I now ask Alexa for the weather of the day. She tells me what it is like in Woburn. I can’t seem to switch her to Dennis. I’ve tried on line several times. Alexa can be stubborn.

When I was growing up, we ate fruit in summer far more than we did in winter. My mother bought watermelon, bananas, oranges and apples for us as snacks. She used blueberries and lemons in pies and strawberries in a shortcake. Apples were versatile and were also turned into pies. Tangerines were a snack for watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. It wasn’t until I was in Ghana that I ate a bunch of different fruits: coconut, mangoes, pawpaw (papaya), pineapple and plantain. Two of them, coconut and pineapple, are my favorite fruits. Two others, Kiwi and avocado, came much later than the rest of the fruits. I do love avocado in sandwiches and guac.

I like vegetables and even ate them when I was a kid. Potatoes were everyone’s favorite. I also loved peas, Lesueur peas in a can. We ate carrots mixed with our mashed potatoes. It was my mother’s way of disguising the carrots, and it worked. In Ghana I ate okro, as the Ghanaians called it, for the first time. I also ate tuber yam and garden eggs, small eggplants. Mostly, though, my vegetables were tomatoes and onions.

I have an onion and some tomatoes. I also have oranges and bananas, and I bought some dried mango when last I shopped. Many times I just eat fruit for one or even two meals. I buy it already cut. I am most decidedly lazy.

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2 Comments on ““Someone once threw me a small, brown, hairy kiwi fruit, and I threw a wastebasket over it until it was dead.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I love summer fruit and survive with winter fruit such as apples, oranges and cuties. I haven’t seen Texas Ruby Red grapefruit. Maybe the crop in the Rio Grand valley has been confiscated by Mexican drug lords. 🙂 When the walk is finished we might get grapefruit back again. 🙂

    If you think it’s been an unusual winter, get used to it. Here’s information from NOAA, regardless what Trump says or tweets.


    The sun came out again today but didn’t warm up the air above the mid 40s.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The winter fruits just aren’t as sweet except for the grapes I just bought. They were delicious. The melon was disappointing.

      Trump will say 2˚ isn’t much so we are all crying wolf. His ignorance is frightening.

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