“The moon in her chariot of pearl”

The wind was horrific last night, even reaching hurricane force. The chief of police called with a wind warning. Trees fell and in parts of the cape electricity was off for a while. I was lucky: no trees went down though some of the pine trees bent so much I expected branches would break, but the backyard was clear. Poor Henry was slinking a slow as possible when he went out for the last time of the night.

This morning while I was waiting for my coffee I looked out the kitchen window over the sink. I was shocked to see my umbrella table was on the deck outside the window. This table is usually close to the side of the deck, and to see it from the window I have to bend over the sink and look to the left. The wind had moved the table, and the chairs at least four or five feet. Oddly enough the cover stayed intact. I went out and moved the table and chairs to their usually spot. While on the deck, I noticed the covers were off the chiminea and the barbecue. I covered the chiminea, but the barbecue cover was too full of spawn bites to be any good. It is destined for the trash.

The rain and the wind have given birth to a pretty day with sun and a blue sky but it’s cold, mid 30’s cold.

Last night the moon was extraordinary. It was so bright I had to squint to look at it. That moon is the start of the snow moon, one of the biggest moons of 2020. It will be full at 2:33 a.m., my time, on Sunday. I am going to set my Alexa. I’m thinking I’ll ask her to play Fly Me to the Moon as my wake-up call.

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2 Comments on ““The moon in her chariot of pearl””

  1. olof1 Says:

    The wind has started to roar outside, We’ll have a storm passing by today. They say it’ll be worst during the night. Thankfully it will hit my neighbor’s cottage and garage so I will most likely not notice much of it, except for the sound of course.

    It actually looks like there will be sunshine now in the morning though, I can see big patches of cloud free sky when I look out the window 🙂 The sky willopen up later tonight though so the roads will continue to be muddy messes 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Last night was calm but so cold, far colder than it has been. Henry was out and back quickly. I even wore socks around the house with my slippers.

      We have had such a warm winter I was surprised by the cold yesterday and today. Storms are raging around the country. My sister had he third large snowstorm. I’m glad it is my sister and not me.

      Enjoy the day!

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