“I don’t eat vegetables. I eat potatoes and green beans, and that’s it.”

Today is the perfect winter’s day. It is warm, in the mid 40’s, sunny and still. I have no lists for today. I think I’m having withdrawal.

Last night was fun. We had Chinese food in celebration of the year of the rat. While we were eating, there was no conversation. We were too busy scarfing up dinner. We did um a lot.

Henry scared himself this morning when his tail whacked a noise maker off a shelf. His ears went back, he cowered and ran down the hall. My brave Henry.

I have a huge collection of cookbooks, but they have become almost obsolete because of the internet. Even I look up recipes on line because it is easier, but I do have one collection I love of books and recipes difficult to find on line. They are cookbooks with recipes from books and plays. I even have a Dining with Shakespeare. Twice I have had special dinners using only those cookbooks. I wrote out quotes, the sources of the dishes, for the table. I love theme meals.

When I was a kid, our food was monotonous. Mostly it was meat and potatoes with a canned vegetable thrown in for good measure, not so much for good health. Because my father was not an adventurous eater, he was the one who preferred the meat and potatoes accompanied by canned asparagus, his favorite vegetable except in summer when he loved homegrown tomatoes slathered with mayo and corn on the cob slathered with butter. My father slathered. As for any deviation from the usual, I remember we were eating hummus and asked if he’d like to try it. My dad told us he doesn’t eat wallpaper paste.

I need more coffee, and I still haven’t read all of the papers so this is the end.

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6 Comments on ““I don’t eat vegetables. I eat potatoes and green beans, and that’s it.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    My paternal grandfather basically ate like you father. If my grandmother made him a salad he would ask her if she thought he was a horse. 🙂 My father loved salads and made one as an appetizer with every dinner. When we moved to Texas in 1953 he discovered that a mixed green salad was always served as an appetizer in restaurants. He then told us that salads were served to prevent pellagra which he said was prevalent in the south and was cured by serving green salads. It’s a fun story that I never bothered to check out. His love of salads may have been a reaction to his father’s dislike of them. My son accuses me of eating monotonous because I don’t like hot peppery spiced food. This month he is into cooking various types of rice in his new rice cooker and Korean foods like kimchi. I think he eats as though he was in a capsaicin contest. 🙁

    Today the humidity is increasing along with the temperature which will top out in the low 60s.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I looked up pellagra. It seems that corn is a main cause.

      We never had green salads. In summer we’d have potato salad, and that was it for salad. I don’t mind hot, and I don’t base food on the degree of heat. Thai food and Chinese food have dishes with some heat but most dishes are not hot. Indian is the same. I guess you have to know which dishes to order.

      I like rice but not too frequently. In Ghana, I had rice too often, but that was the only choice for a good part of the year. It was a long time after I got back that I ate rice again, and I still don’t eat it too often.

      Lovely day still!

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        Think how lucky we are to have fresh vegetables available the year round. In those days fresh vegetables were only available in the spring and summer.

      • katry Says:

        We are really lucky. I love the produce section of the super market.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Perfect sunny winter day here too and a nice train ride through a hilly rural landscape along a river. We sang a concert in small town, it was fun and the audience liked it. Now a beer and a bed 🙂

    • katry Says:

      It was the same here all day, a perfectly lovely winter day. I was going to go out but didn’t. I just lolled around all day., I enjoy every minute.

      I love train rides.

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