“Sunlight will always follow in a clouds wake.”

Today is ugly. We’re back to clouds, and it is only 23˚. The high will be 31˚ so I’d best hunt down my sunscreen. I have no desire to do anything today, but I have no choice. I have to get cat food so I might as well add a couple of stops, the bakery and the grocery store. The grocery store is because I need some stuff: cream and laundry detergent (yup, it’s laundry time), and the bakery stop is because I deserve sweets, especially something chocolate.

Henry is upstairs sleeping on my bed. My dog Maggie used to nap there. She loved sleeping under the covers. Both cats are also upstairs sleeping in their room. I saw Jack when he woke up and came over to me for pats. I didn’t see Gwen. She’ll show up for food.

My house is clean, and the clutter left over from Christmas is finally gone. The trash bags from the kitchen and deck are also gone, taken to the dump by my neighbor who was going anyway. I was happy last night. I hated the clutter and the trash.

I never did make dinner last night. I ordered lunch delivery, a cheeseburger sub and French fries. The sub was totally delicious with cucumbers, hots, onions, tomatoes and pickles all held together with mayonnaise. I got a large sub and ate it for lunch and dinner. Henry had some French fries while Jack nibbled on pieces of the burger. He wasn’t wild about the fries.

I’m watching a Hallmark movie, no surprise I suspect. This one is about baseball, The Perfect Catch. In the Christmas movies, it was seldom cold. The snow was fake, and you couldn’t see anyone’s breath. This is the opposite. It is baseball season. Spring training has begun, but the trees are bare, and I can see the characters’ breaths when they’re outside. I guess I shouldn’t complain though. Hallmark always has happy endings, and sometimes a happy ending is just what I need.

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2 Comments on ““Sunlight will always follow in a clouds wake.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    According to the news tonight the big snowstorm is moving into New England followed by an artic blast. Batten down the hatches and stay inside.

    I don’t watch Halmark movies because they are sappy and paint over reality. I like happy endings, like in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally” one of my favorite films. That film asks the age old question, “Can a man and woman be friends without sex getting in the way?” Of course any movie by Rob Reiner with Billy Crystal couldn’t be bad.

    Today was sunny after two days of rain with highs in the low 60s.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’m among the lucky, at least by the 6 o’clock weather. The cape will get an inch or less. The closer you get to Boston, the more snow and the tot6al gets higher as you continue north. It is sleeting right now, and it is freezing. I’lll throw deicer down before I go to bed so Henry won’t slide.

      I like the Hallmark movies, especially the mysteries. They are not sappy though the bad guy is always found at the end. There are even murders.

      One of my favorites is The In-laws with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk. No matter how many times I see it, I always laugh in so many spots.

      Cold and cold today. I did go out but I was glad when I got home.

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