“January is the calendar’s ingrown hair.”

There is an inch or two of snow on the lawns, and the steps and walkways, in some places, have slippery ice bumps. Last night it was 31˚. This morning, around 8:30, it was 27˚. With the snow and the cold, I knew it was winter.

Today is a pretty day but one best seen through a window from the warmth of the house. The sun is bright and the sky is clear blue. The breeze is slight. It is a bit warmer, 29˚, than it was this morning, but a 2˚ jump is barely worth the mention.

I had my uke lesson this morning. It was my best so far. I was able to play a couple of songs with my fingers finding their own way, but when the chord needs three fingers, one of my fingers refuses to stretch. I’m thinking some medieval torture device might solve the problem.

Other than the lights on the real trees and the fake pine in the dining room, my house is no longer Christmas. Yesterday I not only managed to put away Christmas, but I also did three loads of laundry. The last load is in the dryer wrinkling. I’ll get it in a bit.

I think I was in a funk about Christmas ending which was, I suspect, the reason for the delay in putting all my decorations down the cellar, but I haven’t given in completely as I’ve left the outside lights on the timer. If anyone asks, I’ll put them away after Candlemas, after February 2nd.

My cleaning duo arrived early. They didn’t start cleaning but took the time to help by taking down the lights and putting the two real trees outside. The fake pine is now back to the cellar. Christmas is officially over.

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2 Comments on ““January is the calendar’s ingrown hair.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kst,

    January sucks. I don’t know any better word to describe January. Let’s put the holiday season away and move on to spring. Here in Minneapolis it has been just cold. Back home in Dallas the weather has been unusually warm. Even here last month was the 10th warmest December since they started keeping records.

    I give you a lot of credit to try to learn to play a musical instrument at our age. Don’t give up your fingers will eventually get good at playing the uke.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It has been mostly a mild winter, mild when compared with other years, but January has already had cold days, and now a big change: it will be in the high 50’s here and low 60’s in Boston on the weekend.

      Two of my fingers are better than when I started. I can already play a variety of chords. Yesterday the switch from one chord to another was faster than it has been for me, a definite mov e forward.

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