“Look after your laundry, and your soul will look after itself.”

I did see the sun. I swear it. But I turned my head for a minute. It’s gone. The sun has been taken over by rogue clouds. When I checked the weather, I saw the possibility of rain. Possibility? Tell that to the sun.

The dining room is clear of everything but the tree which is the very last of Christmas to be put in the cellar. I just cover it, ornaments and all, and put it downstairs in front of all the bins. Only the living room is left, a daunting task. I need to start bringing storage bins up from the cellar and furniture and such back downstairs. I might as well include the laundry.

When I was a kid, miracles happened every day at my house. While I was in school, beds got made and the house got cleaned. I never saw it happen. I did see my mother making dinner, but breakfast was always ready when I came downstairs and my lunch box was filled. I never saw any of it. Were they the elves as in The Elves and Shoemaker fame? I just don’t know. The only thing I do know is I have no elves.

I started doing a jigsaw puzzle, but I stopped when Jack stole some pieces. He was blatant about it. Jack likes to play with stuff, not so much with Henry. Jack’s head is often wet from Henry’s nuzzling.

I do less around the house than I did when I worked. I have all the time in the world but I hate to waste it cleaning, but I also hate clumps of animal hair. The neat in me usually reigns supreme so in between visits from my cleaning couple, I Swiffer the floors and stairs and sweatshirt the dust. Now my house is Christmas clutter.

Okay, I am delaying. I am not all that enthused about clearing the living room. I’d actually rather do laundry.

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4 Comments on ““Look after your laundry, and your soul will look after itself.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I continue to muddle through a weekend of self imposed non chores. I have set up a new Fitbit3 which hopefully motivates me to keep moving during the winter months, I have been purging my IMac- IPod music library shifting out albums of age and moving in purchases of the last 18 months

    I really need to update the iMac but use it less and less as the iPad is omni present.

    Well, having accomplished all these things I am rewarding myself with the Vikings and the Saints. It does feel as though the New England Krafters are at the moment of a rebuild but it isn’t clear who the Captain and Mate will be. Of course my Lions are crap and shouldn’t use the term rebuild as they have never built in the first place

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I did nothing today despite my plans. I did move a few things out of the living room but they only got as far as the kitchen. Tomorrow I have to go out so I won’t get too much done. What difference? I have all the time.

      I use my iPad both up and downstairs but mostly upstairs. I’ll watch a movie before I go to sleep. My Mac updates itself. I’m just fine with that. It is now at Catalina for its operating system.

      The pain from yesterday’s Pat’s game is lessening because I expected this season not to end well. The Pats lost too many games. So both my Pats and my Sox let awe down. Good luck to the Celts and the Bruins.

  2. olof1 Says:

    It has been pouring down here for a couple of hours now and for a short while before that it snowed but we did have sunshine in the morning. I have actually done some laundry and will take the last of it tomorrow. It is a holiday here tomorrow so I don’t have to go to work until Tuesday 🙂

    I found it easier to du jigsaw puzzels on the computer, no missing pieces ever 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’ve been doing puzzles on the computer lately, but I do like to have one going here. My mother used to have one on the dining room table so anyone could find pieces on the way back and forth from the kitchen.

      We had another ugly day today, no sun, and it was cold. I hope tomorrow will be better, but it is predicted to be cold.

      Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

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