“We keep drifting from one city to another, inhaling the inimitable fragrances of the myriad places.”

Today is warmer than usual for this time of year. It is 44˚. The breeze is slight. The sky is a light blue. It is a pretty day.

I need to put Christmas away, but I’m reluctant to take down the trees. They bathe the living room in a cozy light. I like to sit there. Without the trees, the living room is dark, the furniture silhouettes. I never sit there.

My sister Moe can always be counted on to give me a new book every Christmas, and I swear every book every year was written by James Patterson and his co-authors, too many to name. I finished this year’s book last night.

I am at critical for laundry, down to one pair of underwear. I also need to change my bed. Those are my chores for the day should I decide to be industrious.

For some reason, my muse has deserted me. I’m watching Lost in Space, the remake, and ignoring the blank computer screen. I’m almost sorry there are no commercials.

We don’t have parties anymore. When I was younger, my friends and I often got together on a Saturday night. We’d have a few drinks and socialize and maybe even go out for dinner. I don’t know when that stopped. It was long before I retired. Now it’s movies in the summer and dinners in the winter. My guest list is never long and neither is the evening.

I have favorite places. Boston tops my list. I have loved that city since I was young. I was twelve or thirteen when I could go to Boston with my friends. We’d take the bus from up-town and get off at Sullivan Square to take the T and then we’d roam all over the city.

Ghana is, of course, my second favorite place. I remember stepping out of the plane to the top of the stairs on the tarmac when I arrived the very first time. It was so overwhelming I have never forgotten. The last time I was in Ghana, I stopped again, same spot as always. It is my return ritual.

I don’t know Accra anymore, but I usually know enough to tell the taxi driver where and negotiate a fare to get there. Side note: in Ghana, they are always taxis, never cabs. I find that interesting. Anyway, in Bolga, getting around is easy. It also feels like home.

Portugal is a favorite country of mine. I loved traveling the small roads, seeing the Roman ruins with blue tiles on the floors still being excavated and staying at inns and small hotels. Lisbon is beautiful.

Old Quito is on my favorite’s list as is Marrakesh. I’d go back the, to Marrakesh, roam the souks some more and eat amazing food. I loved Ougadougou in the old days, the same with Togo and Lome. In Accra, I never felt like a stranger. I knew the city well, but in other Africa countries, I was more of a tourist taking in the sights, visiting the Grand Marchés and going out to dinner for European food at least once.

I like being home in the winter. I can stay in my cozies all day long. The house is warm and quiet. It is, right now, my favorite place.

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6 Comments on ““We keep drifting from one city to another, inhaling the inimitable fragrances of the myriad places.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Thank goodness the holidays are over. I was getting overwhelmed by the TV commercials that shout out to buy a car, or jewelry for Christmas. I for one am glad the holidays only come once a year. Now it’s tax time. 🙁

    When I moved back to NYC in the 8th grade I had to travel to Manhattan to go to my orthodontist and I began to explore the big apple. With great public transportation and 15 cents the city was my oyster. Manhattan was and probably still is a cornucopia of accents, sounds and foods from every corner of the globe. In my opinion there are only a few unique cities in this country. New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and New Orleans. The rest are just more of the same old thing like Dallas with sprawling suburbs. If I could drop you into Minneapolis or Kansas City or Oklahoma City outside the downtown then you couldn’t tell the difference where you were located. Even Chicago isn’t that unique.

    Another cloudy day with temperatures in the low 60s.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I get so little back that to file my taxes is almost not worth the trouble. I did buy a few things on sale but they are for next Christmas. I saved quite a bit of money on stuff I give out every year.

      Parts of Boston are unique. There are the neighborhoods but they are melting more and more into one another and there are the historical areas carefully preserved. It is a walker’s city. I think you could identify Boston.

      Cold but warm for this time of year!

  2. Birgit Says:

    I’m back home now after a few days in a small rural town. Big towns may be nice sometimes but not around New Year’s Eve when crazy people do fireworks and crackers for days like they use to do here. I can’t stand the noise.

    • katry Says:

      I always love getting home. Traveling is great but it does make me weary and all that laundry….

      There were some fireworks here too. Luckily none of my pets were bothered by the banging. They didn’t even bat an eyelash.

  3. Denise Says:

    Happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with every wonderful thing! Denise in NC.

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