“Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”

The year is ending with cloudy skies. It is warm in between the wind gusts. I have no plans for tonight, but I will greet the new year. I am always hopeful that the coming year will be different, kinder and more tolerant.

When I was young, I often attended New Year’s Eve parties, but now I’m content at home watching the crystal ball drop. I have some champagne on ice for the toast or for many toasts.

We let the old year fade away without any hoopla. We save all that for the new year. People wearing cardboard hats in bright colors and blowing noisemakers watch the clock then count down to midnight when everyone erupts into Happy New Year’s with hugs and kisses. At that moment we are bound together and filled with hope.

This last year brought me two cats, rescued before they ended up in a shelter. They were my aunt’s cat, her babies as she called them. They both see this as home now. Henry sees Jack as his playmate. He hasn’t interacted ted with Gwen yet so they both have a surprise coming.

This is from last year, and I don’t think I could write better, “I don’t make resolutions. I’ve never kept any so I don’t figure to set myself up for failure so early in the new year. I don’t have any plans for this coming year. My life has settled down comfortably.

If you had asked me when I was twelve to picture myself as an adult, I think I would have come close to me now. Well-traveled would have been an easy one. I knew when I was eleven I’d travel the world. I have snapshots in my mind’s eye of wonders I have seen and amazing adventures I’ve had. I’m standing on the equator just outside Quito with a foot in each hemisphere. It is midnight sun time in Finnish Lapland and reindeer are being herded into a field. A camel is running away with me in the Sahara. I’m looking through a window an Inca looked through in Machu Picchu. I’m traveling through Russia in a train. I’m in a glider. I’m in a hot air balloon. I’m riding a mammy lorry. It’s taking me home to Bolga.”

I am happy to welcome a new year. I am always hopeful it will be a better year than the old one. I wish you all a wonderful, happy new year!

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12 Comments on ““Hope Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’…””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Semi cloudy sky here and I was just outside to see if I could find Orion and Betelgeuse but couldn’t. Perhaps it’s in the morning I should look up instead. If I remember right I can see it on clear mornings when I drive to work, so all I can do is to hope for a clear sky tomorrow morning.

    I’m pretty sure I won’t be up when we reach the new year and decade,I am alreday tired 🙂 I did the last work with the pipes today and even though it only was 20 inches I had to fix I still was totally exhausted afterwards, I guess that cold never really left me 🙂 🙂

    Have a great en of this year and a good new one!


    • katry Says:

      It stayed cloudy and chilly all day today. Even Henry didn’t stay outside for too long. It rained on and off a couple of times. It will get cold tonight.

      That seems like a ton of work you did. It is no wonder you are tired, cold or no cold.

      I wish you the best New Year!!

  2. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I wish the same things as you for 2020, but I’m a realist and it’s a Presidential election year. Trump will be totally unleashed between his acquittal in the Senate of the Impeachment charges and his total disregard for truth and facts. I have little faith in any of the Democratic candidate’s messages playing in the middle of this country which is where the electoral college votes are located. Trump may still win a second term and have a bigger loss in the popular vote than he did in 2016. 🙁

    When my kids were young we let them stay up and watch the ball drop in Times Square. It took them a couple of more years to figure out that here in the central time zone it was only eleven o’clock and not officially the new year. 🙂 Kids learn quickly.

    Like you I gave up on resolutions years ago and just accept myself as is. Maybe I should make smaller resolutions. Today, the weather was just like yesterday, clear skies and highs in the mid 50s.

    Happy New Year to you and the entire Coffee family. May 2020 provide us with good health, prosperity and happy surprises.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The democrats need a viable, popular leader or I am afraid he will be reelected. If he is, he’ll think himself invulnerable and he will destroy anything or anyone in his way now way or another.

      My nephew and niece do the same with their kids. In Colorado it is two hours, but most of the kids are 7 and younger so they are easily duped.

      I am old enough to be settled in my ways. I don’t need to change unless I work on getting out more.

      Cold at night now, but it did reach the low 50’s, far too warm for this time of year.

      Happy New Year. May this be a happy year!

  3. Idle Mind Says:

    Cheers to one and all. Here’s to a great 2020.

  4. Birgit Says:

    1 a.m., it’s 2020 and we’re out of town for a few days as every year. Happy New Year!

  5. Rowen Says:

    Happy New Year, Kat! Thank you for KTCC, one of my pleasures.

    • katry Says:

      Thank you, Rowen, and thanks for all you do.

      Wishing you the happiest New Year.

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