“Oh, the Christmas tree’s my favorite Of all the trees that grow.”

We had a dusting of snow then it changed to rain. The day is dark and ugly so I have brightened the house by turning on all the inside Christmas lights and the three trees. They give the rooms a quiet light, almost shadowy, and make the house feel cozy, warm. It is only 33˚.

The trees need to be finished. I have to haul more ornaments out of the cellar. I have decided that the small tree will be decorated with people, real or imagined. I have neat ornaments like ones of Twain and Sherlock Holmes. There are cloth ornaments of way back presidents when waistcoats were in style. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going on a prominent branch. There are ornaments from England of the Queen’s Guard. I have Peter Pan and Captain Hook and the Wicked Witch of the North. They’ll all just about fit on the small tree. The bigger tree will be an eclectic blend. I have the ornaments my mother gave me from my childhood trees and ornaments from my travels. The ones from Ghana are both and new. I have two small leather balls dating back to our service from a Peace Corps friend who thought that were perfect for me. I also some small wooden angels, drums and a couple of compounds. Pinocchio is from Italy. I brought one back, and my friend gave me another so I’m thinking one on each tree.

When I go through the boxes downstairs to choose my ornaments, I take my time. I am sometimes surprised when I find ornaments I haven’t used in a while. I look for favorites especially the ones my mother gave me like the ugly mermaid with a paper umbrella and the needlepoint one of three kings with the letter K. I have an ornament I made for her, one with her name spelled out in colorful blocks and tied on the tree with a red ribbon.

Our Christmas ornaments tie my family together through time. They hold so many memories.

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2 Comments on ““Oh, the Christmas tree’s my favorite Of all the trees that grow.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Much the same weather here, I can’t understand where all the rain comes from 🙂 🙂

    I only have straw decorations fro my tiny tree, like stars, angels and pigs 🙂 It can’t carry any bigger ones. The big ones will have to wait for the day I get a big real tree.

    The card has arrived, thank You 🙂 It is perfect 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Usually my tree is tall and thick with branches. I get to fit most of my ornaments. This year the trees are small. One is on a chair behind the other. I am picking and choosing why decorations. I think straw ornaments are perfect.

      I’m so glad you liked the card.

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