“Autumn came early and lingered with its shroud of rainstorms and its wreath of dead leaves.”

Last night was rough and ready weather. The rain never stopped, and the wind blew heavy and strong. Jack stayed at his observation window, aka the dog door. I joined him and watched through the upper storm door. I could hear the chimes from one of the pine trees by the driveway. They sweetened the air. They only ring in a strong wind.

When I was a kid, I never liked November except for Thanksgiving and its break from every day. Mostly I remember dark November mornings when I had to walk to school and darkening afternoons when I walked home. Once home and changed out of my school clothes, there was hardly any time to play outside before the street lights came on. Once they did, I’d go inside and plunk myself in front of the TV. My mother was always in the kitchen making dinner. She’d finish cooking then fill our plates and call us to the table. When dinner was finished, it was back to the TV.

The rain has stopped, but everything is still wet, especially the leaves and pine needles all over my lawn. The clouds were light grey earlier then they gave way to the sun for a little while, but the clouds have come back and dashed my hopes for a sunny day. I think after all that rain we’re owed a bit of sun. It is supposed to be in the high 40’s today. I guess I should be glad for warmer weather.

The sound of the leaf blower woke me up this morning. They were clearing the yard of the house next door, the one belonging to my landscaper. I was hoping my yard was next. It wasn’t. They’re gone.

I have nothing pressing to do today. Tomorrow is the dump and the hardware store. Thursday is my uke lesson.

Henry barks at the slightest noise. Yesterday he barked when a door bell rang on TV. His barks are sometimes so sudden I jump. That happened yesterday. I had to catch my breath. He scares people who come to my door. My mailman leaves packages on the steps if the front door is closed. If it is open, he leaves the boxes by the gate. My UPS guy, Joey, tries to give Henry biscuits. He won’t take them. He is too afraid.

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11 Comments on ““Autumn came early and lingered with its shroud of rainstorms and its wreath of dead leaves.””

  1. hedley Says:

    Piles of snow still mark the landscape decorated now by falling leaves. I guess at some stage we may return to a green environment and attempt (or not) to stuff soggy leaves in to giant Costco Lawn Bags before Waste Management have their last garden run of the year, right before Thanksgiving

    Every relative of Mrs MDH that is still standing, or can be wheeled in, is starting their descent on Detroit beginning this Thursday for a conspicuously long visit. How did you spend your Thanksgiving ? 10 days in Detroit doesnt everyone ?

    My run of dead people is now up to 4 for the month with the loss of a business acquaintance from ALS. He emailed me at the end of September that we could only negotiate through email as he could no longer speak. He didnt tell me he had Lou Gehrigs disease but it took him very fast at the age of 61. Folks seem to be cascading down around me and its a constant reminder of the journey that I am in no rush to take.

    I have started the new season of The Crown on Netflix but it surely wont be as much fun as Andy’s interview with the BBC. Being a basic hater of the class system and the monarchy it has given me a good laugh. Apparently The Crown is going to take on Aberfan, a disaster so monumental that we can never and should never forget. Lets hope they approach it carefully.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      My yard is beautiful. The landscaper and one of his guys spent hours on the fall cleaning. They did the front, the bed along side the driveway, the deck and the driveway. Henry barked on and off the whole time and drove me crazy.

      Sure, ten days in Detroit sound like a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. My restaurant on the water, where we usually go, now pales in comparison. Who wouldn’t enjoy a house full of in-laws?

      I lost two close friends this past year so I know how you are feeling and how losing people makes us stare at our mortality. I get sentimental at Christmas as it always brings my mother and father to mind. This year I will remember my close friends too.

      I saw a few clips of Andy’s interview. Does he actually think people believe him when he said he has no memory of meeting that girl now that woman? The Crown will tread carefully.

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        Sadly, ALS is a terrible way to go. Your body becomes useless but your brain stays active and sharp. I have a colleague living in Virginia who has ALS in his early 50s. He has a wife and a five or six years old daughter. He still works every day using his computer by looking at the screen to control the cursor and letters. The only person I know of who lived a long life with ALS is Stephen Hawkins.

      • hedley Says:

        Bob, its a truly dreadful thing. His Obit said he only became aware in July that he had ALS and it zapped him last week. An extraordinarily fast progression.

        Terribly sad

  2. olof1 Says:

    I saw through the windows that we actually had sunshine today!!! Too bad it was dark when I drove home. The sky was clear for a while so that I could see the stars though. It is unusually warm though and that I enjoy fully 🙂

    We don’t even have thanksgiving so over here November is even worse. We have nothing until first of advent and that’s December first this year, December is such a nicer month 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The sun never reappeared and the day felt damp. My yard got cleaned today. It took a few hours, and Henry barked on and off the whole time at the sound of the blower. I had to take aspirin as his barking gave me a headache. I can’t take his barking.

      I never liked driving home in the dark because I also went to work in the dark. I never saw much of the sun.

      Thanksgiving is a wonderful day. The family gets together and enjoys the company and the food. My father loved all the football games.

      Have a great day!

  3. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I agree with you about November. Thanksgiving is the only redeeming weekend.

    We once had a rescued Dachshund who was the sweetest dog to our family but guarded the door ferociously. He was a Jeykle and Hyde dog.

    Any luck getting your laptop back and charging?

    This morning was mostly clear with a low in the 40s and warmed up to the upper 70s.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Henry drove me crazy today barking on and off at the guy cleaning my yard. He gave me a headache. Henry has come a long way since I first got him and the barking is really the only thing left I would change.

      I haven’t been to Hyannis yet, but I’m going to do that Friday and take it to Apple. This new iPad is so big it is almost as wide as my Mac. I just wish I could post music and pictures. I did add the url of pictures but that didn’t translate.

      We’ve had two ugly, rainy days in a row. The only saving grace was it was too warm for snow, the mid 40’s.

  4. Birgit Says:

    Maybe some november music today?
    I first thought of Sandy Denny’s Late November but Tom Waits made it.
    Tom Waits – November:

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t know this song. I found the earlier lines wonderful, filled with images. They were November. I think he did too much of a Tom Wait’s for the latter part of the song.

      I still find him fascinating.


    • Rowen Says:

      Sorta goofy and definitely over the top near the end, I would concur. I enjoyed this. Thanks, Birgit.

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