“May the key of inspiration unlock your dungeon of creativity”

Today I didn’t want to get out of bed. I asked Alexa the time and it was 9:30. Even Henry didn’t move off the bed. He slid up beside me and went back to sleep. Finally I dragged myself downstairs, let Henry out and made the coffee.

Cat2, aka Gwen, greeted me last night. She went through the gate hole into the hall when I got upstairs. I scratched her behind the ears, and she purred and wound around my legs. Gwen is getting daring.

The sun was out for a few minutes but it is bleak again. It is only in the 50’s. I do need bread and milk but not enough to have me get dressed and go out.

I have been sitting at this computer for an hour. It seems I am missing my muse. I wrote then deleted a few paragraphs. I knew they just couldn’t go anywhere, dead ends. I’m thinking random thoughts might be the only way to go.

When I was in high school, I never had a curfew. I’d get home and find a note on the desk by the front door asking me to sign in with the time. I always gave the right time.

All of this impeachment news reminds me of the Watergate hearings. I spent an entire summer sitting in front of the TV. I watched John Dean when he talked about taping and Butterfield when he told the committee about the system that taped all presidential conversations.

In Ghana, Sunday was always eat from a chop bar in town or from packages sent from home day. We ate boxed meals like macaroni and cheese or bought fufu or t-zed and soup in town. Chop bars were all along the side of the lorry park. Most were small with a couple of tables and some chairs which didn’t match and were usually wobbly. We’d sit waiting while they pounded the fufu. It never took long. We’d then transport the food home in two pans with covers. They were bungeed on the backs of our moto seats as the Ghanaians called them. I have no idea why they never spilled.

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6 Comments on ““May the key of inspiration unlock your dungeon of creativity””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    When I went to college my father bought me a portable manual typewriter made in Switzerland called a Hermès 3000. In those days I hunted and pecked at the keyboard because I was too stupid to take typing in High Scholl. Why too stupid? Besides not foreseeing the development of the personal computer, I didn’t recognize the advantages of being in a classroom with all girls. 🙂 In those days only girls took typing. Once I bought my first computer, an Apple Macintosh 512 in 1986, did I realize the importance of learning to touch type. It only took a few weeks practice with a program called “Typing Tutor II” and I became a fair touch typist. This skill has served me well for the past 33 years. BTW we still have both the Macintosh and the typewriter somewhere in the house. When my son was maybe seven or eight he liked to play on the typewriter. He called it “The ancient word processor”.

    We are still without TV or internet at home. Another wet and cool afternoon with scattered rain showers.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I got a typewriter as a gift when I graduated from high school. I still have it packed away.

      When I was scheduling for my senior year, I tried to add typing. The guidance counselor said no. He said it was a business course, and I was in college prep. I never did learn to type, but I am fast with only a few fingers.

      That old Mac might be worth some money in the not too distant future.

      I like that, “The ancient word processor”.

      It stayed cloudy and was in the high 50’s.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Courageous cat2 ! I hope she isn’t too offended when you take her to the vet. At least you’ll know whether cat2 is really Gwen.
    I don’t read every news about your president anymore. Please get a reasonable one as soon as legally possible. Slowly heading back to fascism we have our own bad problems here.
    At least I can’t complain about the weather, it’s nice and cold here and we’ve had some needed rain.

    • katry Says:

      I am worried about her and the vet visit, but she has to go. Those clumps are just awful.

      The appointment is for Gwen so I am hoping it is Gwen I bring. Cat1 has a much larger head which males usually have so I’m guessing cat1 is Jack.

      You only have to read about him. I am stuck with him every day. He is a blight on this country.

      We are having rain again in time for Halloween.

  3. Rowen Says:

    Glorious set today.

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