“There is profundity to explore, but also laundry to do.”

Today is another beautiful day. The house is cooler than outside, and this time I’m glad. Last night it rained. I could hear the drops on the roof. Henry was quickly out and quickly back inside again.

I pay to have my house cleaned every two weeks. I do in-between spot cleaning which is really just dry mopping the floor, Henry’s route especially. In winter my yard is plowed and the walkway and deck stairs are shoveled. In summer my lawn is mowed every Friday. It is fertilized, and the bushes are trimmed. I do Peapod so my groceries are delivered. The laundry is about the only chore left for me, and I hate to do it so it sits and sits. I wouldn’t be surprised to find moss. I am spoiled. Because I don’t know anyone who washes clothes, I am stuck with this one chore, but I have been procrastinating long enough. I swear today is laundry day.

When I was in Ghana, I never washed my own clothes. Starting in training, in the first two weeks at Winneba, we found aunties happy for the money to wash our clothes, and we were happy to pay them. It was the same at every point of training except the last week. We were at Legon University so there were no village ladies to wash clothes so I just put the dirty clothes in a laundry bag and hauled it north to Bolga where it got washed.

My backyard was concrete with a couple of huge rocks protruding. I figured the workers decided they were too heavy to move. One clothesline was strung across the yard. Thomas washed my clothes. He’d set up two buckets: one for washing and the other for rinsing. He’d iron my dresses with a charcoal iron.

My dance card continues to be empty and yellow with age.

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4 Comments on ““There is profundity to explore, but also laundry to do.””

  1. hedley Says:

    I am a slow methodical ironer. It will not be unusual for me to be working on shirts while watching soccer on the weekend and after the match is over I have knocked down 8 or 10 items. Over the years I have moved away from ironing socks and underwear. Still once upon a time crisply ironed tidy whities were prepared

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I got a chuckle from your comment about, “crisply ironed tidy whities. ”

      I used to iron when I had 5 or more things which needed ironing. I’d set up the board in the den and watch TV as I ironed. Now my shirts are casual, no ironing necessary if they come directly from the dryer. I have a couple of dresses, my spring and fall dress and my winter dress. Those I iron, but I probably only wear them once a year. I don’t mind my around the house flannels and t-shirts being wrinkly.

  2. Birgit Says:

    My card is quite full this week but I’m glad I took the time to see Eugene Chadbourne tonight. The concert was fun as always. I first saw him more than 30 years ago and whenever I see this musical genius plays this region I’ll just have to go.
    Yup, the laundry, it still has to wait. Cleaning too. It’s bed time now.

    • katry Says:

      Laundry is near done. I have already showered. Nothing left but a movie or two to watch then bed.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. It is always a wonderful evening when we see a favorite in concert.

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