“Come and rest your bones with me…i’m driving slow on this day…lazy Sunday…”

Today is not a day to be inside. It is warm and sunny again. The sky is breathtakingly blue. The breeze is strong enough to blow the leaves and sway the smaller branches. I’ll fill the bird feeders and check my little library for more bird holes. The woodpeckers are enjoying the library. I covered some earlier holes theirs with Gorilla tape, but this time I think I’ll nail some pieces of wood across the back that is if I can find some wood. I think there are shingles under the deck.

I have been lazy of late so today I made a mental list of what needs to be done. The wash tops the list. It is downstairs by the washing machine. I have been living the adage out of sight, out of mind so there it sits. I think my oven is due to be cleaned, but I’m saving that for later, much later. I will water the plants today. That is the one chore I’ll mange to finish.

I never really liked Sundays all that much when I was a kid. I had to dress up to go to church. I never liked going to church. I always thought the mass was boring so a couple of times I smuggled in a book and read it during the service. It was hidden in the hymnal. I must have looked devout to the casual observer.

I did like Sunday dinner. It was always the best meal of the week. We usually had a roast of some sort. Roast beef was my favorite, but I did like roast chicken with stuffing. My mother always made mashed potatoes with gravy. The vegetables changed. Sometimes it was corn while other times it was peas, the baby peas from the can, or green beans. My father ate his asparagus. My mother usually ate standing up.

On Sunday afternoons, usually in the winter, we sometimes visited my grandparents in East Boston. Lots of my aunts and uncles did too so there were always cousins, tons of cousins, but none of them were my age so I was usually bored. My grandmother always had a large pot of spaghetti and meatballs on the stove, enough to feed the horde of family.

Sunday night was early to bed. We had school in the morning.

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12 Comments on ““Come and rest your bones with me…i’m driving slow on this day…lazy Sunday…””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Cold and raw in the morning, then sunshine and warm in the afternoon and now they wind blows hard and heavy clouds have started to cover the sky, there’s no chance of seeing stars tonight I guess..

    Since we were no church goers Sundays were much the same as Saturdays but if I had homework I had to do them before going to bed Never felt bad for having to go to bed early since I’m a morning person and always go to bed early 🙂 🙂

    There was always food on the stove at grandmas too 🙂 Can’t remember ever seeing spaghetti and meatballs though . Well meatballs often but usually with fried or cooked potatoes and bacon and sausages and what else she had in her fridge 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I even opened my bedroom window as it is still so warm. I have yet to wear my sweatshirt. The backdoor too is still open.

      I stopped attention church when I was in college. There were a few issues with church policy so I couldn’t in all good conscience continue to go. When I was in Ghana, I was dragged to church a few times. It was really different and not boring.

      My grandmother wanted enough food for the crowd and didn’t want to be tied to the stove all the time so spaghetti was perfect sitting there on the stove on low heat.

      Enjoy your day!!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Mrs MDH and I prefer the Saturday evening mass down the St John Fisher Chapel. Strangely due to an unusually active series of Saturday nights we have been going on Sunday. Church is my time of reflection and preparation for the days ahead. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t attend.

    In the heat of a Michigan remainder summers afternoon, I am behind closed drapes cheering on my Lions. It would seem Massage Parlor Bob was more than happy to employ Antonio Brown but heck money is due tomorrow. Quite a blow for cash

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      When I was a teacher, my Sunday was filled with washing, the dump, correcting papers and lesson prep. At first I felt guilty but then I didn’t.

      I cheered my Pats who won again. The backup QB threw an interception for a Pick 6 and a rookie dropped a catch which was then picked up for a score. Tommy remains unblemished!

      AB was a sleaze and an idiot as his ego had him write that e-mail. He’ll not get a job. I think of Colin who knelt and was banished.

  3. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Spent the day with my daughter. We first went to a Fall Japanese festival. I never realized how many Japanese live in the DFW area. Of course my daughter folded paper into a crane at the origami booth and we ate some Japanese fried chicken as a snack. I didn’t want her to eat the sushi because it was a warm day and I didn’t know how long the fish was outside. Then we ate the rest of our lunch at Dallas’ only authentic Neopolitan pizza restaurant. They bake it in a brick wood fired oven using homemade mozzarella cheese. We had the Margehrita pizza with homemade sausage. It was a thin crust but it was foldable and very good. Watching reruns of Anthony Bourdine’s TV shows has gotten me looking for more interesting places to eat. Even though it’s foldable it’s so thin it’s easier to it with a knife and fork like the way Italians eat pizza.

    The high today was only 93 degrees under partly cloudy skies which means summer is really winding down.

    • katry Says:

      Hi ob,
      We have a variety of festivals here. In the fall is the Cranberry Festival and the Seaside Festival. I used to go, but now my back isn’t great for walking.

      I am not a sushi fan. I have tried a variety but didn’t really care for any of them. Many Italians restaurants, especially in the North End, have brick ovens. I fold my pizza as it easier and neater to eat that way. The Italians cut theirs but eat it with their hands. I think it has to do with how hot pizza can get.

      It was in the 70’s today, a perfect day!

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        I’m not a fan of sushi but my daughter enjoys it. I don’t like the texture of the raw fish in my mouth. Surprisingly, I like lox and other forms of smoked salmon which is not raw but close.

        Obviously, our big event in the Fall is the State Fair of Texas which begins next weekend and runs through sometime in October. We haven’t gone in years because it never changes except for the weird fried food.

        I am very familiar with N.Y. style pizza but this was my first try of real Neopolitan style. I’m sure the North End of Boston has some great Italian restaurants.

      • katry Says:

        I am not a fan of salmon. I’ve tried it a few times and just don’t like it.

        That’s the same about the yearly festivals here. Most don’t change. The food, though, is sometimes worth the trip!

        The pizza I aways get in Boston is Neapolitan as that is all that is served in the Italian restaurants. Around here you have to ask for thin crust as it isn’t the usual.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Sunday was always a meh sort of day. Church in the morning which was a chore. I smuggled in a book, too, which was risky because I sang in the choir and was right up front there with the minister. Big dinner which happened after noon and lasted a long time but was always pretty good. Meat and three veg counting the potatoes and dessert of course. After that it was kind of a slow day especially in the short day seasons. Summer was different. There was enough daylight left to do something and there was no homework.

    Today was lovely. Warm, breezy, sunny. The fans are on again and the windows are open.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I felt the same way about Sunday except in the summer. We often went to the beach after church. My mother stayed home and made lunch and got everything packed so we go leave early. The winter Sunday was really boring. I used to bring a book to my grandparent’s as there was little to do.

      My windows too are opened again. The bedroom was too warm. I’ve also left the back door opened still with the screen.

      Have a great day!

  5. Rowen Says:

    Fun set today and yesterday. Maybe the Pasty Cline is my favorite though “Crying in the Chapel” deserves special attention.

    • katry Says:

      I think of my theme based on my musings then go hunting for songs. I know some right away while I listen to others less known to me. I have found so many new singers and songs. The Patsy Cline was my favorite as well. She is one of those singers I didn’t used to know.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the music. It is most decidedly eclectic.

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