“No doubt she was thinking, Who dressed this poor girl like a traffic light?”

Today is another one of those beautiful days filled with sunshine. It is warm, open door warm. I left my sweatshirt upstairs.

Sometimes I think I need someone following me with cue cards. If I can’t come up with the right word, I pause to try to remember, but usually I end up with a synonym or a string of descriptors. The lost word usually comes around after I need it. I used to be glib.

When I was a kid, Saturday was a totally free day. Sunday was church and a family dinner, but on Saturday I could do whatever I wanted. I could wander around the woods and stop at the swamp. I’d skirt the water and follow the path beside it to the back of the swamp. The water was like a canal, straight and narrow, with a clear path on one side and pucker bushes as we used to call them on the other. I could ride my bike. I remember going to the horse barn on the street behind the town hall. I remember the horses were huge and standing in their stalls. I could roller skate on the sidewalks or up at the parking lot. I’d play with friends, but that was mostly when I was young. Sometimes I’d just hang around the neighborhood. The winter, though, was different. It was the Saturday matinee which used up most of the day.

I never had many clothes, but I didn’t need them. My life, even as a kid, was departmentalized. I had school clothes, play clothes and church clothes. My mother had trained me early so when I got home from school, I immediately changed out of my school clothes, a blue skirt and a white blouse, into my play clothes which were mostly a pair of pants and a blouse or jersey of some sort. On Sunday I wore a dress or a skirt that wasn’t blue.

Changing out of school clothes was so ingrained that even when I was older and teaching, I changed as soon as I got home. Now, I seldom wear other than pants and a blouse or shirt. Flannel shirts are my winter favorites. I probably will not change out of my comfy clothes today. I didn’t yesterday or the day before. I have no errands today and am not expecting company. I can be as comfy as I want, and I love comfy.

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