“So!” she said, without being startled or surprised; “the days have worn away, have they?”

The weather is sunny but chilly. It will be cold tonight. I’ve been keeping my windows closed, but the house is still morning cold. It gets that way this time of year. I often have to turn on the heat just to warm the house. A sweatshirt has been added to my ensemble.

When I was a kid, getting ready for school, I fought hats and heavy jackets. I knew by the afternoon they’d be too warm to wear and too heavy to carry. Sometimes I’d sling my jacket across my school bag which made the jacket easier to carry despite the bulk. I always wore socks. The upside was warmth. The downside was socks so old they didn’t have much elastic around the tops so they slid to my ankles. They were bulky. I guess a good part of my school day was bulky.

It is nap time for cat1 and the dog. They each occupy one side of the couch. I’m in the middle. Cat1 is leaning against me. I can feel the warmth of his body. He softly purrs. I’m hoping he’s home. As for cat2, I’m seeing more of her (I have no reason to say her but it is easier). She sleeps on the chair in the guest room. I stand outside the gate and talk to her. She doesn’t run under the bed. I’m hoping she’ll come downstairs soon. The poor kitty needs grooming as she is matted while Cat1’s fur is soft. He has endured countless brushings and de-matting. Both are long-haired.

Today is leave the wash by the cellar door day. If history is correct, it will sit there a long time or at least a few days before I get sick of looking at it.

My dance card is brittle and yellow with age, but I did have company on Tuesday so I haven’t quite yet transformed into Miss Havisham. Even though I have spider webs, like in Miss Haversham’s house, mine are small and don’t yet hang from the ceiling so there is still hope.

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6 Comments on ““So!” she said, without being startled or surprised; “the days have worn away, have they?””

  1. olof1 Says:

    We’ve had two nights with frost now and I think a third is on its way, after that it’ll get a bit warmer again. The radiators are on but I would much rather turn them off again πŸ™‚

    I lives so close to school that it had to be really cold before I had to wear a thick jacket. It’s hard to get too cold when it’s just 50 yards to walk πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Have great day!


    • katry Says:

      Some parts of the state have had frost. We will get close, down to the 40’s tonight. Warm days haven’t disappeared for good so I’m looking forward to a few more deck days.

      I lived about a fifteen minute walk away from school. At the bottom of my street was a field, and the wind whipped across it so it was really chilly. I would never admit it to my mother but the jacket was needed to get passed the field.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Socks that migrate to one’s ankles are annoying. Socks that crawl around and under one’s heels inside the shoes are evil. I had evil socks as a kid.

    My laundry bag got tossed down the cellar stairs earlier in the week. It got put in the machine Tuesday night and that’s where it’s been. I had to rewash it this morning and put it in the dryer. There’s another load waiting. To ensure that I go back down there and finish the job, I left the lawnmower outside on the lawn by the cellar door and the cellar door is unlocked.

    It was cold enough inside my house this morning that when I turned on the cold water faucet, the water felt distinctly warm. I thought about turning on the heat for one cycle but I resisted. It’s okay now as the sun is shining into the west windows.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Once in a while I had that same sliding into the shoe problem. I think I even got a couple of blisters from that.

      My laundry basket, an old apple basket, was too heavy to get down the cellar so Leandro, half of my cleaning couple, will take it down the cellar for me; however, out of sight, out of mind.

      I had shut all the windows and closed the back door. That was a pain as last night I had to get up tp let Henry out and in, but the house wasn’t all that cold today.

      Have a great Thursday!!

  3. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today we got a break from the heat and the sun thanks to the effects of tropical storm Imelda which dumped something like 10 inches of rain on Houston. Here in North Texas we are in the mid 80s with clouds and a few sprinkles.

    I have to attend class tomorrow and Saturday for my recurrent training so I took today off as a swap day. Generally, I get to work Mondays through Fridays with an occasional weekend thrown in for good measure. Our online instructors work either Sunday through Thursday or Monday through Saturday. Our training center is open 24/7 except for the week between Christmas and New Years.

    Hopefully, our shoot first and ask questions later leader will not start a war with Iran. His previous National Security Advisor, bushy mustache, was just itching to go to war with someone, but he just couldn’t convince Trump who it should be. Trump admires most dictators. πŸ™ Going to war is a great way to stimulate the economy before the Presidential election next year and ward off a recession. Unfortunately, it’s not so good for the men and woman on the ground that will have to fight it. I don’t know which is the lesser of two evils, Saudi Arabia or Iran. Obviously, we like Saudi because Crown Prince Salman and Trump are good buddies, both touched the glowing globe in Saudi and are tough talking guys.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is close to 5 here, and I can feel how much colder it is than this morning was. I don’t ever remember getting that much rain all at once. I can’t believe all the rain some places have had.

      When I was a teacher, most of my Sunday was spent grading papers and planning lessons for the week. That usually took most of the day. Being an administrator meant no weekend work, but my weekdays were longer. I think I preferred longer days.

      Ask Trump anything about immediate decisions and he always says, “We’ll have to wait and see.” That ends it. he sounds tough and then dos n nothing. Saying that Saudi Arabia would determine what to do was horrific, a relinquishing of the US sovereignty. Maybe he was hypnotized to do that when the was rubbing the glowing globe.

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