“The place where you continually return for love and acceptance—that’s home.”

This is me at my computer as it charges up from 1%. The mailman came so I ran across the street knowing my charger was to be delivered. I could barely wait for it to be connected. Being without my laptop and having to rely on my iPad was annoying at best and caused anguished cries. I was glad to see the little lightning bolt letting me know it was charging. I had this teeny fear in the back of my mind that it was something other than the charger. I breathed a sigh of relief fierce enough to ruffle the papers on my table.

Catching you up will be easy. Nothing really happened except my usual day to day doings. I’ve been reading, and I’ve watched mostly movies on TV instead of reruns. I was almost tempted to watch Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars, but I just couldn’t do it. Had I lost the impulse to skip the program, which I never watch anyway, I’d think I beyond hope.

I actually went into Stop and Shop, the first time in months. I needed a few things and didn’t want to wait until the end of the month when I usually do Peapod. I hated walking the aisles avoiding carts left in the middle, and I hated carrying the groceries to the kitchen.

Cat1 is still around and about. I got a chuckle watching him (her) last night. I went into the cats’ room to feed them and decided to sit for a bit in case cat2 decided to appear. I had bought a scratch pad for the cats. It is in a cardboard case which slopes. Cat1 sat at the top of the slope, scratched his claws on the bottom then slid down the scratch pad to the floor. I thought it was a mistake, but he did it a second time. He was like a little kid at the park using the slide. Cat2 didn’t come out, but I saw him (her) this morning. I stayed outside of the room and spoke sweet nothings. It actually stayed and listened. We are moving forward, slowly but still forward.

The other night cat1 was snoring so loudly it woke me up. He was lying on the floor in front of my bureau. My first thought was a marauder had gained entry without Henry knowing, but that would be impossible. Henry is a constant barker if anyone comes near the house. It was the cat, no question.

Today is dump day. I bet you’ve missed that.

The weather has been superb, sunny and warm. I’ve been doing some outside chores. I cleaned my little library and added books, I filled the bird feeders and I pulled up a few weeds. My fall flowers are all in bloom. The clematis covers the fence. Some yellow flowers which resemble sunflowers though smaller are in the front garden, and lovely white flowers are in the small garden right by the house. Bees are all over the clematis so I run by them. I was bite once when I was a kid so running comes naturally.

I am so glad to be back on-line, to be writing Coffee. There was a huge hole in my morning routine which has now been filled. I find it amazing I have been writing for 15 or maybe 16 years. Luckily I haven’t run out of words.

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10 Comments on ““The place where you continually return for love and acceptance—that’s home.””

  1. Rowen Says:

    You’re back!

  2. So glad you’ve vanquished the tech gremlins and are back to daily entries. The absence of your dispatches from the Cape punched a hole in my day as well.

    • katry Says:

      I am so happy to be back and even happier it was the charger as I had guessed. I’m looking at 100% charged and smiling!!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Welcome back in the world wide web!
    No, nothing has changed. As each week for some time now we had to occupy the main street our smaller neighbor town so nazis can’t march there. Despite the alarming reason it’s a nice gathering with fun, live music and kind people. The local churches help and take another part of the street with an ecumenical service. It’s crazy but so far it works, at least in this town.
    Tonight is Dr. Who day, after some reruns we finally get the new episodes with the current female doctor. I don’t watch TV often but I don’t miss this the Doctor once a week.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Birgit!!
      I love Doctor Who and have watched him since the 60’s. It was aired on our PS channel. Now it is on BBC America. I am not totally with the new female doctor. Maybe I need a new season. I guess I’ll reserve judgment until I see more.

      I’m glad you are able to stop the nazis from taking over your small town. I have to live with crazy people who back Trump despite his lies, his bigotry, his inability to feel any emotions, to empathize with people and his egomania.

  4. Bob Cohen Says:

    Welcome back, we missed you too. I don’t know what we would do without the connection we have with each other over the internet. Our enemies know that attacking us with weapons of mas destruction is not the way to win but to attack our digital lives and get us to elect a troll like Trump or even only god knows what’s worse.

    It’s still hot and clear but the temperature is coming down to the mid 90s.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I missed my Coffee family every single day. I agree about the connection. I have these friends I haven’t ever met, but it doesn’t matter as we have met in so many other ways. I hate that man so much it is difficult to describe the degree.

      Right now it is cold, down to the low 50’s.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Welcome back! So good to read that nothing evil happened to your computer and that it was all the fault of the charger. And having nothing happen while you are away is not necessarily a bad thing.

    I was out and about on Tuesday driving a friend to an appointment and having lunch. Nothing happened while I was out except that Rocky and Piki Dog decided to distribute several pairs of shoes around the front hallway. It could have been worse. 🙂

    Enjoy the day with a fully charged Mac.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It was an accurate guess on my part so I was happy when it started charging. I talked to a friend who has a Mac, and she too had to replace the charger.

      Yesterday I had fun. First I shopped for dessert. I chose carrot cake cupcakes, a perfect choice. My friends came for dinner and a few games. We had a few appies and ordered pizza. We exchanged birthday gifts, all late gifts, but no less fun. It was a wonderful evening.

      Today is appointments so I’m heading to Hyannis.

      Have a great, gray day!!

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