“There is nothing more universally commended than a fine day; the reason is that people can commend it without envy.”

We had rain, and we had wind, but neither was out of the ordinary. I woke to a dark, damp day with the leaves on the tree nearest my house blowing back and forth close to my window. I got up to look, but, by then, the wind gust had died down though the trees in my backyard are still swaying from the wind. I’m happy at the plain old ordinary wind and rain, but I wouldn’t have objected to a bit more weather dramatics.

I have been on the phone with AT&T since I was eleven: okay I’m exaggerating, but it seemed that long. Today I received a bill more than twice my usual mobile bill. It seems that connecting my new phone caused a variety of problems. The AT&T person I was on the phone with seemed to understand what was wrong and corrected it, but last week the problems were supposedly corrected as well, but they weren’t, but after so long a conversation, I think I’m happy. I went to pay my bill, and everything looked good. My new bill is even less than my old bill.

When I was a kid, I remember my mother and her budget envelopes. She had a red plastic case with several brown envelopes inside. My father was paid every week, and my mother divvied the money among all her accounts. She also had a Christmas club. Those were the days when bills were delivered at the start of the new month. My mother was always ready.

When I was growing up, our apartment was in the project. We lived in a duplex which had a front garden, grass and trees. Our house was on the corner so we had a big front lawn, a slight hill, we shared with the other side of the duplex. My father usually mowed the shared lawn. He liked to mow. It was a man thing. He was never one for flowers but he loved his lawn.

I have no plans for today. It will be a sloth day. I bought groceries yesterday so my larder is full. I’m close to finishing my book, and there are always movies to watch. It sounds like a fine day!

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10 Comments on ““There is nothing more universally commended than a fine day; the reason is that people can commend it without envy.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I am slumped on the sofa watching England thump Bulgaria. Yesterday Germany were thumped by Holland and early today Kosovo thumped the Czech Republic. It all leads to Euro 2020 but I failed to secure tickets through the lottery.

    My Christmas club is well underway. The Advent Box has all the appropriate gifts, I have to address Mrs MDHs birthday in October and then it is throttle up to the Jolly Fat Man.

    I think my folks bought through the Littlewoods catalogue for Christmas in the 60s which allowed our bikes to be purchased on the HP

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I think slumped on the couch is a perfect way to spend the day. Nothing about today is inviting. The dog and cat1 are both sleeping on the couch. I applaud their lifestyle.

      Most of my Christmas presents have been bought. I have a few more to catalog and one needs framing, but mostly I have filled all the Christmas bags. I have ordered the gingerbread kits and paid for subscription renewals. Next month I will begin wrapping the Colorado gifts so they can go out early.

      We always had wonderful Christmases, due, I think, to that Christmas club.

  2. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    My Saturday is also unstructured and I’m also slumped on the sofa. I only have one thing to do in the next couple of weeks and that’s to study for my FAA annual check ride. Unlike many professions I have to pass two annual flight checks a year. The FAA one includes an oral exam on aircraft limitations, systems and memory items as well as a simulator check on instrument flying including emergencies. The other check ride is for EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) which is conducted at European airports along with a written test instead of an oral knowledge exam. We train a lot of European pilots here in the U.S.under there regulations. Since the Brexit stupidity we had to change our European regulator from the British to the Danish authority because we have training centers both in the U.K. and on the continent. Guess what? We discovered the Danes are both more flexible and reasonable then dealing with the British. 🙂

    The only place luckier than you with Hurricane Dorian winds and rain was Alabama. Now, NOAA (National Oceangraphic and Atmospheric Administration) is backing Trump’s crazy hurricane forecast even though the National Weather Service has said he was dead wrong. 🙂

    As for the Winter Solstice holiday spending craziness, I only have to worry about my anniversary in November and my wife’s birthday in December. My daughter still expects Chanukah presents but my son accepts cash. 🙂

    You can guess that it’s going to be sunny and hot again today. It’s a good day to stay inside.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Teachers were observed a few times every year. Any issues were explained then the teacher was expected to do better by the next observation. I have had to fire teachers who failed to improve. The state also required teachers to take courses every three years and to obtain a master’s degree within 5 years.

      I expected that the Danes are easier to deal with than the British. The British Empire runs on red tape and former British colonies do the same.

      Lucky Alabama.

      I am about done with Christmas presents. I have to check to see if I need anything else, but I doubt it.

      It is now sunny but still cool.

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        Obviously, you live in a state where public education is more important than football. 🙂 In Texas, where football is king, teachers nor any other professionals are even observed nor tested. Unfortunately, teachers accused of improper relationships with students are quietly fired and then they just move to another school district. It’s called, “Passing the trash”. 🙁

      • katry Says:

        Teachers have to take a test before they can get their provisional licenses. If they fail one part, they only have to retake that one. Teachers who don’t get their mater’s degree within the five years immediately lose their jobs.

  3. olof1 Says:

    We’ve had a very mixed weather here today, more sunshine than previous in the week though. At the end of the day it became rather warm and I had the kitchen door open as much as possible. I guess Dorian will pay us a visit later next week, they always do Your old storms 🙂

    I’ve only had a budghet when my economy was really bad. I calculated how much money I could spens each day in the month after paying my bills. I quite often didn’t buy anything for several days even though I really wanted something but then bought something more expensive I really wanted instead 🙂 🙂 After that I’ve never have had the need to have a budget,

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It rained most of the day and all night yesterday. It was an ugly morning, but the sun is out now. It isn’t warm though. I just opened the back door so Henry can go out if he wants.

      When I first bought my house, I had to pay half my salary for the mortgage. I lived on very little and never had evenings out or saw a movie. Every year I’d get a raise so every mo0nth I had more money. I was able to save for trips.

      Nothing going on today! Have a great Saturday!!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I tried to do the budget envelope thing when I first started working but it was mostly because I have a fetish for stationery products. 😀 It didn’t last long. My check got deposited into the bank account and bills were paid by sending checks. No need to divvy up cash into envelopes. Now I do have a budget spreadsheet which gets pulled up each month and cross checked with income and outgo. It does help to be a little bit organized but it’s not quite as pretty as the budget envelopes.

    I got rain and some wind last night. This morning was really dark and dreary till quite late in the morning. The sun came out for a bit and then the clouds blocked it out. It’s been sun and clouds all day.

    Peapod came Thursday and WaldenLocalMeat came Friday so the fridge and the larder are full.
    There was only one thing on my dance card today. Take the dogs to the groomer. They were pleased with the ride and happy to see Peter but not happy about baths.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I just paid the bills with checks when they arrived. Most were at the beginning of the month. As time went on, I had more disposable income. I haven’t ever used a spread sheet. I know what I need to pay and how much money I have.

      I also got rain and wind last night though the rain started around 2 just when I was doing my errands.

      I bought fresh veggies at the farm store and just had the corn. It was so sweet and delicious I yummed at every bite. I have 1 more corn, tomatoes, a couple of peppers, lettuce, mangoes and blueberries.

      I did nothing all day!

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