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  1. katry Says:

    Chip Gaines quote

  2. Bob Cohen Says:

    Saturday kids matinees got us out of the house and gave my parents a short break. The Inwood theater is still standing but was remodeled into several small theaters showing indi and obscure foreign films along with a bar. The Saturday kids shows included several cartoons, a couple of short films and a double feature one of which was a B movie. For fifty cents we got the movie a bag of popcorn a candy bar along with four or five hours of fun.

    • katry Says:

      My old movie theater has been refurbished as it was in terrible shape. Now I can go and see plays. This movie theater was a bit different as the ticket seller was on the side behind glass not in the front. It is still the same.

      I used to pay a quarter and was also given money for candy. Like yours, there was a cartoon then a serial or two and then the movie. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

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