“Squirrels are just rats with good publicity.”

Yesterday I was the perfect sloth. I even took a nap. Lunch and dinner were catch as catch can. My menu included lime yogurt, cheese and crackers, cereal and a few chips. Nothing took time or energy.

At 4 AM my phone rang twice. It woke me up. I was about to grab the receiver, but the ringing ended. A call at that time was worrisome. This morning I checked. It was an unknown number.

The day is so very pretty. The sun is shining. A blue sky is its backdrop. Nothing is moving in the still air. It will get into the high 70’s today and the 60’s tonight.

Yesterday I could hear a cat meowing from upstairs. I couldn’t figure out what the cat could have wanted. Everything was perfect: litter, food and water. It was then I noticed Cat1 sleeping on the floor in the kitchen. It was Cat2 making all the noise. I hope that is the first step into Cat2’s emergence from under the bed.

Late in the afternoon, Henry was barking so much he was almost howling. I had little patience with all that noise as he had spent the previous two days barking at men and their trucks. They were working across the street at my neighbor’s house. I went to check. I saw the cause of the barking: a turkey family with two babies. Way to go, Henry!

When I was a kid, wildlife was pedestrian. I’d see spawns of Satan running up and down trees and branches. I didn’t mind them back then. I thought they were cute. We’d sometimes even feed them. I don’t remember noticing the birds, except maybe robins. Once in a while, I’d see a skunk. That was a rare sight, real wildlife to us. We’d watch the skunk from a distance as it waddled out of sight at a high speed into the woods.

My dance card is empty for today,

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9 Comments on ““Squirrels are just rats with good publicity.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Mostly cloudy here today but the sun makes an apearance every now and again and so does some showers. Quite nice outside, around 68F all day.

    Albin has understood that he can see wildlife much better if he doesn’t bark. He makes all kinds of sounds but the wildlife seems to not care about those 🙂

    We had plenty of wild life where I grew up since there’s a big forest in the middle of Gothenburg. Every now and again moose turned up but mostly it as smaller animals.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The day stayed nice. Now with night coming, it is getting cooler. It will be great for sleeping.

      Henry barks at people walking by, the mailman, trucks, door bells and now turkeys. If he got free, I don’t know what he’d do. I know the people will be scared.

      Here on the cape, I have seen foxes, many wild turkeys and deer. It may be populated, but the cape still has plenty of wild land.

      Have a great day!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I read a perspective article in WaPo this morning about how America’s city squirrels have humans to thank for giving them a home. Back in the 19th and early 20th century squirrels were intentionally introduced into cities. In 1850’s and 1880’s, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York released squirrels in hopes that they would thrive. Nesting boxes were installed and the squirrels were fed regularly. They didn’t thrive. It wasn’t until landscape artists like Olmsted installed all those natural park designs that squirrels took hold. We have been plagued with them ever since. Last I knew there was a monument at Lafayette Park near the White House that was put up to honor the man who saved the endangered grey squirrel. I don’t remember his name. I do remember guffawing at “endangered”. 🙂
    The wildlife in my yard has always been a bit more than pedestrian even though I live in a thickly settled area. There were squirrels, of course, but now there are grey, black, and red ones. We also had skunks, raccoons, and woodchucks (another member of the squirrel family), pheasants, and various herptiles. Seeing a chipmunk back then was a treat because they weren’t very common here. Now there are foxes, coyotes, deer, turkeys, and fisher cats along with various hawks. It’s kind of nice having them out there even if I do have to be careful with the dogs.

    I hope Cat1 is making headway.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I remember being at the Smithsonian and reading that squirrels carry more diseases than rats.They were annoying enough without adding a pandemic. The spawns have eaten many sets of lights in the back, gnawed on the metal arms of my deck set, destroyed two barbecue covers and stolen one entirely. They have dug up flowers from pots. There are grey and red squirrels, both of which serve little purpose.

      I have chipmunks and rabbits. There is a burrow in my front grass. Coyotes walk through my yard on their way to somewhere I don’t know. Henry hasn’t seen one as they cut across the back. Gracie once cornered a raccoon on my deck. I pulled her away but I ended up with one arm longer than the other. She was stubborn. I almost hit a deer. That was when I learned how looking like a deer in headlights is scary.

      The 6 ft. fence helps keep out beasties.

      Cat1 is just fine. It eve sleeps on the couch beside me. It is Cat 2 who is still hiding under the bed in the guest room. I hope it comes out one day.

      Have a great evening.

  3. Rowen Says:

    Fun representation of Day 2. Even the stuff that I wouldn’t retreat to a desert island with was no less enjoyable for capturing the richness of the event.

    Hang in there, Cat2.

    • katry Says:

      The best part is I get to remember and listen to so many songs. I’m not certain why I chose the ones I did, but somehow I think they resonated.

      I sit on the chair in that room and talk to the cat hiding under the bed.

  4. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    My son has mentioned to me that he has seen an opossum in the neighborhood while coming in after dark from his car. Squirrels seem harmless when compared to opossum. I think they both carry diseases but opossum will attack humans if cornered. Here we shorten the name to just ‘possum’. One of the only natural lakes in Texas is called, “Possum Kingdom Lake”.

    Many of the fast growing suburbs have had instances of coyotes and bobcats roaming around the neighborhoods during the day attacking joggers and feasting on small pets left in backyards. Sadly their natural habitats are being destroyed by uncontrolled growth, gentrification and urban sprawl.

    Another triple digit dry day. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I forgot about opossums. I’ve had them in the yard. Gracie had one in her mouth until I got her to drop it. That was when the possum played dead. It really did look dead.

      One summer a possum was constantly on the deck behind the deck box. Gracie sat there for ages waiting for it to come out. I had to take Graciosos ie inside finally.

      Henry went after one his first night here. That one also played dead.

      We also call them possums here.

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