“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”

Today is a bit more humid than yesterday but still lovely. It will be in the low 80’s during the day and down to the 70’s tonight. The breeze is strong at time, and I can hear the whirligigs. August is summer’s last hurrah.

Henry needs his nails cut so I have to put him in the car again, the poor baby. I have to clean out the fridge and do a bit of grocery shopping. The dump will be tomorrow, probably the highlight of my week.

I checked under the bed and saw Cat2. I spoke gently, but the cat didn’t move. I wish Cat2 would come out and get some lovings. Cat1 is out all the time, gets pats, scratches and treats and sleeps beside me on the couch.

All the boxes are checked. I am most decidedly getting older though old is probably the better descriptive. When I look in the mirror, I am amazed at what I see. Who is that woman with wrinkles and so much gray hair? She looks familiar.

When I was a kid, by the time school came around, summer was a bit tarnished. I was bored.

I never went to kindergarten. Few of us did. The schools all started at grade one. Sister Redempta was my first grade teacher. She scared me. She scared all of us. Her hands and face were all we could see. The rest of her was dressed in black and white. Her wimple had side wings so she had to turn quickly to catch a whisperer. The first grade reader was Dick and Jane, their baby sister Sally and their dog Spot. The drawings were in color. The prose was repetitive, but I didn’t notice. I loved reading about the whole family. I loved Spot and I loved Puff their cat. Some of my friends named their dogs Spot, but none named their cats Puff. I don’t why.

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