“Perhaps it takes courage to raise children..”

Today is already hot, 81˚. The high will be 84˚. The air is thick. Nothing is moving. I have nowhere to go today, and I am quite content.

I bought a dorm size fridge to hold me over until next week when the Kenmore repair man comes to fix my fridge which freezes everything, except champagne, which is a good thing. I plugged in and turned on the new fridge. Its little motor hummed. I filled it with cut watermelon, ice tea, milk and cream. A while later I went to pour myself a cold drink, but I found the little fridge had stopped. I am obviously the victim of some conspiracy. Last night I put all the liquids in the frozen fridge figuring I could defrost this morning. I didn’t have to, nothing froze overnight. Small fridge going then gone; big fridge freezing then defrosting. I am being gaslighted by appliances.

I remember when my father defrosted the fridge. His tools were a screwdriver and a hammer. The screwdriver went into the ice and my father whacked the end of it with the hammer and knocked off chunks of ice. He threw them into the sink but the floor got wet anyway.

My father was the antenna man. He would turn the rabbit ears hoping for a snowless picture. A few times he went on the roof to turn the antenna. One of us had to yell to him after he found the sweet spot. My mother held her breath when he climbed.

My mother wouldn’t let us in the water for thirty minutes after eating. She knew the rule but probably didn’t know the reason. It didn’t matter. It was mother-lore. She told us seeds would grow in our stomachs if we swallowed them. I can’t think she actually believed that would happen, but we did. I dutifully spit out all the seeds when I was outside, and I spit them into my hands when I was inside.

Off the subject: I am watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. All the houses have decorations in every room. Their trees are perfect in sizes, shapes and decorations. They bake hundreds of perfectly frosted cookies. They go around the neighborhood singing carols. I think it is time for a Hallmark movie where the cat or the dog knocks the tree down, that strange looking tree with plenty of holes between its branches, where Christmas cookies are misshaped and have globs of frosting, and where kids argue and are threatened with Santa and coal in their stockings. I remember Christmas wasn’t perfect, but in the long view, it was wonderful. Come on, Hallmark, get real.

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6 Comments on ““Perhaps it takes courage to raise children..””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Same heat over here but today we have a rather strong wind blowing and it does feel nice when walking in it. Unfortunately it doesn’t come to my garden but I can hear how the leafs are moving in the high trees.

    I have to say that I’ve never had to defrost a fridge but it was much the same when we defrosted the freezer. It was so nice when they finally made it possible to let the water out in to a bucket standing just beside the freezer and now days there are freezers that defrost themselves, I haven’t come so far I’m afraid 🙂 🙂

    Yes all those rules 🙂 but it was my sister who told me that it would start to grow grape vines out of my mouth if I ate the seeds 🙂 🙂 I did think it would be cool if I could grow my own grapes 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I stayed home today. My groceries were delivered, and I took a nap, a quiet day. It is in the high 70’s but will drop to the mid 60’s tonight so I haven’t used the air conditioner. The day has perfect temperatures.

      I have a frost-less fridge so I don’t have to defrost, but my first fridge had to be defrosted so I did it without the screwdriver and the hammer. I used a big bowl filled with hot water to loosen the frost.

      My brother was the taunted about lots of stuff but not seeds.

      Have a wonderful day!1

  2. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    A year or so ago our fridge bit the dust so we just bit the bullet and bought a new one. Until we could get it delivered we also bought a dorm room size fridge and still use it in our living room to store sodas. I don’t think the dorm size one is frost free because we had to manually defrost it when I accidentally left the door ajar.

    I think your mother and mine went to the same parenting school. I never believed the thirty minute rule nor the seed thing. We usually swam in a public swimming pool which had life guards and if we developed cramps because we swam too soon after eating, the life guard would save us. In Yiddish there is a phrase, “Bubby Mincers”,which translates to ‘Grandmother Tales”. Where do you think our mothers got these ideas? The one about the chicken soup actually does make you feel better, but only if it’s homemade. 🙂

    Today is sunny again with a predicted high of only 93 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I hate that this fridge doesn’t work. I would use it on the deck to save us from the walk to the kitchen. They’re giving me a refund, but I’d rather have the fridge.

      I figure all these “Grandmother Tales” have been passed down from the dawn of time. Some Stone Age kid probably didn’t feel so hot when he swam after eating, probably from raw meat, and it translated into cramps and death.

      I read that about chicken soup.

      Tonight will get down to 67˚.

  3. Rowen Says:

    Good luck with your fridge!

    I still hesitate for a fraction of a second over the going in the water thing, even though it has been debunked. (And if you’re stuffed to the eyes, you don’t feel like swimming anyway.) Watermelon without stopping for the seeds was a revelation. I’ve never looked back.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Rowen.

      I do hate when things don’t run right.

      I never gave much credence to that 30 minute wait, but I had no choice. My mother was vigilant. I never swallowed seeds but not because of the garden. I just didn’t like swallowing them.

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