“Walk your own path and be yourself”

The morning has been a good one for me. My car has been making a weird noise, but I wanted coffee so I bit the bullet and went to Dunkin Donuts. The line was long, but I didn’t care except when I moved forward and the car made that horrible noise. I pretended to look around to find the noise. After I had gotten my coffee, I had to take a couple of sharp turns to get back on the road. At the second turn, the sound was awful then it was gone. My guess is something must have come loose and was hanging from the undercarriage then it fell off. I have an appointment for tomorrow to have the car checked. The next miracle was cat2 didn’t run when I filled the dish. I spoke to her and gave her some Temptations. She ate them as if she had eaten in days and then went back under the bed.

Today is beautiful. The sun is strong, but a breeze counteracts the heat. Everything is green from all the rain. I only hear birds and rustling leaves. It’s a deck day for sure.

My friends and I have decided to go back to Ghana next year in the fall. That means I have to live an austere life in order to finance my journey, but I’m okay with that. Going back to Ghana is worth it and going back with my friends is the best part.

When I think about it, I am amazed at my younger self. At twenty-one I left for two plus years in Ghana. I left knowing no one and knowing very little about Ghana. Training was my least favorite time. We were told just to get through training and we’d be fine. They were right. Even by the last few weeks of training, I had fallen in love with Ghana. It had become my home, and my friends had become family. The Ghanaians have always been my extended family. I am so eager to get back there.

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  1. hedley Says:

    Its Wheels up two weeks from today. The quote from The Prince this morning was “I’m so excited” – that in itself makes it all worth while. We open with tickets to a sold out cricket match at The Oval and follow that up the next day with Tottenham’s opening fixture at the new stadium which is also sold out.

    As I am sure I have said before, these days a trip to England is really nostalgia tourism. I really look forward to the visit, and obviously can navigate around London and the south with little effort. Michigan is been my home for the last 40 years and I will be anxious to get home and return to my adopted country.

    Once England is done, Mrs MDH and I will spin the globe and see what next. I have applied for tickets to the final of Euro2020 and if successful that will take me back to London . Ah the fun of just planning these adventures

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      That is so great how much The Prince is looking forward to his trip. Kids his age don’t often get the chance to travel to Europe. I know he’ll savor every day, and you’ll get the chance to show him your old haunts. He will love your commentary. He gets a great chance to see cricket and soccer. I figure he knows very little about cricket so this may be an eyeopener.

      I am getting excited as we have set a date for our return to Ghana. It is going home in a way I think you understand!!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    How great that you’re planning to go back to Ghana with your friends. I’m excited for you.

    Mystery noises from underneath the car are irksome. I hope yours is something very minor.

    Cat2 not disappearing on you is a good sign. Maybe Jack is telling her how great it is to sleep on the bed with you and Henry.

    It was beautiful here, today. Sunny, warm, nice breeze, no humidity. Perfect. I did laundry with the laundry room door open to let the breeze into the cellar. Some bugs came in too but the resident spiders will take care of them.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,

      Thanks so much. I too am already excited and it is more than a year away.

      Lee, who came to clean today, looked under my car and thinks it is the black plastic cover on the undercarriage. It was loose. I hope he is right. I’m just glad the noise is gone.

      That’s all I need: another huge cat sleeping with me at night. I’ll not be able to move. I thought cat2 was small. Nope, it too is enormous but not as enormous as cat1.

      I haven’t done my laundry in two weeks. It is time so it will be my weekend chore.

      Peapod is coming Saturday. My fridge is freezing everything so I didn’t order much, but I just bought aa dorm size fridge so I can order fresh fruit.

      Have a great evening!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Great news that you are going back to Ghana! I hope you and your friends can make it.
    Another heat record in this country, officially 108.7°F. My garden thermometer reached the top end with 45°C / 113°F. I think I’ll have to buy a longer one, the next record-breaking heat will come. I mostly stayed inside my darkened home, just a short bike trip in the evening to water the small community garden and a street tree.

    • katry Says:


      I need a new passport and a visa and money. The first two are easy; the third not so easy.

      That heat is just incredible. It even made the news here. In Paris a record heat made in 1947 went down with today’s temperature. Meanwhile, we’ve had coolish temps the last two days but heat will return this weekend.

      The best thing I did was add air conditioning when I did a house make-over.

  4. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The best part of returning to Ghana is going with your friends. I have traveled a lot by myself on business and miss sharing the experience with a friend. Unfortunately, my spouse doesn’t like sightseeing but enjoys the beach. I get bored easily at the beach.

    Eventually that cat will either come around to you or will remain a hermit cat. I’m a hog lover and don’t understand cats. Dogs are truly our buddies and show us their love daily.

    Today, was another coolish day with a high in the upper 80s with low humidity. Unfortunately, the summer heat will be returning over the weekend.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,

      Even though I live by theater, I don’t like the beach at least in summer. I like it when all the tourists are gone. I enjoy sightseeing.

      I has such a good time going back with my friends in 2016 that I am so excited to be doing it again.

      When I adopted Fern and Maddie, Fern was out right away and it took Maddie a couple of months, and she never came out when I had company. These two seem similar. Cats are also excited to see you.. When I’d come home, the dog wagged her tail and jumped. The cat, Fern, wound through my legs, and she purred. Cats can learn anything, but it takes time and patience.

      Today was in the low 70’s. The new couple of days will be hot.

  5. olof1 Says:

    Hot and high humidity, life is good 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thgankfully some clouds have arrived and it actually does cool down some.

    We took our morning walk as soon as the sun showed itself and I did my errand shortly after that. I guess I could have done it no so that I could have enjoyed the AC in the car .-) It is too hot to do anything but I concider us lucky, dow on the continent it much, much worse.

    I now have lots of icecream in the freezer so I can take the worst heat 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We are in a great weather system, but the heat and humidity is supposed to return over the weekend. I have nothing planned so I’m fine with that.

      My house is wonderfully cool in the morning. I love it here in the dark den. This afternoon, when the heat starts to return, I’ll put the AC on.

      I ordered ice cream but the delivery is tomorrow, not today. I guess I can wait!!

      Have a great day!

  6. Rowen Says:

    Hooray—going to Ghana! I’m excited for you.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Rowen. I get this giddy feeling when I know I’ll be going back, even a year from my trip!!

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