“We are all star stuff.”

The dog and the turkeys conspired to wake me up just after dawn. Henry stretched and his paw got me in the cheek. I could hear the turkeys. I decided I was more tired than curious so I went back to sleep. It was just after 8 when I woke up. The day was already lovely and warm but tending to hot. I fed the three pets and watered the deck plants then I corralled Henry to go with me to Dunkin for my coffee. I was glad. Henry wasn’t.

Tonight is the first movie night. We are later than usual due to other commitments and cold nights. I have a couple of possibilities for the movie, but I am leaning toward Capricorn One. It fits nicely into celebrating our accomplishments in space.

When I was a kid, I loved being out at night. I could see fireflies in the field below my house. The sky was full of stars. I could see the man in the moon. He was always smiling. I used to lie on the grass and look at the sky hoping to see a shooting star. Sometimes I did, and I always made a wish.

In Ghana is where I saw a sky so filled with stars you could read by their light. It was awesome. Some nights I’d sit outside by the rocks just beyond the back of my house craning my neck to see the sky. During the hottest time of the year, I used to sleep outside. I always saw a shooting star. Loving Ghana is easy.

Renters have moved in next door. They came on Saturday. I heard little kid’s voices so I looked out the window like a nosy old lady. I was glad to see a family as they never seem to be loud at night.

I have a few errands today. I’m okay with that as yesterday was a sloth day. I am over the trauma of last week except my fridge still freezes everything. I guess not everything can be perfect.

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9 Comments on ““We are all star stuff.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Had to go up at 4:10 this morning to go to work but every bone in my body and every single cell in my brain said it was wrong 🙂 🙂 Nice morning though but it turned to a chilly day with high humidity. Finally the sun shines, not long before the sun sets but it makes a promise of a chilly and sunny morning.

    I guess that seeing the sky in Ghana at night would be very similar to the sky I watched one Christmas when I was at a cottage I rented for quite some time. Freezing col, half moon and no visible light on the ground. The nearest village was well over 30 miles away. I guess however You saw more stars than I since You were so much more south than I. We almost never see stars in summer since we have daylight almost all the time 🙂 🙂

    At least Your food won’t get spoiled in the hot weather 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I totally understand how wrong that is. When I first woke up at 5:15, It was just too early so I just went back to sleep.

      Today was cool enough that I didn’t turn the air on. Tonight, though, is humid. We were on the deck watching a movie, and it was warmer than I expected.

      It felt like a dream seeing so many stars. I loved every night. I’d lie there looking at the sky and marveling.

      Nope, my fridge is keeping everything frozen!!

      Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Birgit Says:

    I miss to see the Milky Way, unfortunately the sky is too light polluted here. Yesterday we went to an open air concert in a forest, cloudy sky, no stars but many bats flying above us. The music was interesting too.

    Have a great movie night!

    • katry Says:

      I had never seen so many stars as when I was in Ghana. I loved just sitting outside looking at the night sky. It was jaw dropping.

      Movie night as wonderful.It was greta fun. We watched Capricorn One, a good choice given the moon landing.

    • katry Says:

      I had never seen the stars the way I saw them Ghana. It was a gift. I loved sitting outside watching the sky, so many falling stars. No bats, though.

      Movie night was wonderful!

  3. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    That’s what Carl Seagan said in his TV series “Cosmos”. Have a great movie night.

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