“The way you keep puttin’ your foot in your kisser, it’s a wonder you don’t get athlete’s mouth!”

Today is absolutely beautiful. It is a sunny, bright day and already 75˚, but there is a breeze ruffling the leaves and keeping the day from feeling hot. Tonight will go down to the 60’s again. The tops of the doors, the storms, have been put away and replaced by screens.

Okay, two mishaps for me when I fed the cats last night. I walked into the dark room to get at the light across the room and stepped on something squishy. One of the cats had missed the cat box, probably the bigger cat, and pooed on the floor. I cleaned it up and washed that part of the floor. I then cleaned the boxes and filled both dishes, wet and dry. I went and shut off the light, but on my way out of the room, I stepped on the cat dish and flipped it. Yup, it was the wet food dish. I cleaned that up and replaced the food then gingerly left the room. I have seen a cat four times. Twice was when I was feeding them. I don’t know if it is the same cat each time or whether it’s two different cat. Last night I sat in the bedroom and chatted with them. I told them how my day had gone. They didn’t care.

A You-Haul is parked in the driveway across the street. My new neighbors must soon be arriving. I was told they are an older couple from Virginia.

I enjoy The Amazing Race. This time around they had couples from Big Brother and prior Amazing Races. One of my least favorite racers and her sister were competing. They were in a helicopter in the Alps. One of them asked the pilot, “Is it still called an alp when the snow melts?” They were eliminated.

When I was a kid, I swear every summer day was sunny and warm. I could do anything I wanted and go just about anywhere. I remember looking for golf balls in the water at the golf course. We picked blueberries off the bushes near the swamp. We’d stand by the rock fence across from the water tower and feed the horses grass. The playground was a favorite spot. I spend days there playing checkers, horseshoes and softball. I made so many potholders the drawer in the kitchen wouldn’t close.

I am watching black and white horror movies from the 50’s. The first was The Astounding She Monster. I am now watching The Gamma People. I think I’ll make some pop corn.

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4 Comments on ““The way you keep puttin’ your foot in your kisser, it’s a wonder you don’t get athlete’s mouth!””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Really nice weather over here, slightly cooler than You have it with a cool weak wind. Still it didn’t take long until it felt hot when I was walking around in Falköping waiting for the car to be repaired. Much nicer as soon as I left the twon again.

    I have the cat food on my kitchen table so thankfully no risk of doing something like that 🙂 and the dogs eat their food so fast so even when I do kick their bowls around they always are empty. I have however walked in cat poop 🙂 🙂

    I do remember rainy days because those were the days I was at the library or at home reading books, wouldn’t have had time to do that in summer otherwise 🙂 Drizzly days I usually went down to the harbor to fish a while. I didn’t pick blueberries, instead I picked raspberries because they grow everywhere here. I still do every summer when walking the dogs.

    I read the plot for the Gamma people, I think lots of popcorn is needed 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It felt hotter in the afternoon, and the breeze died down. I expect it will get cooler when the sun goes down.

      The cats and everything that they need are in the guest room behind an anti-Henry gate. They can go through a hole in the gate if they want out, but they don’t leave. The one who did try got chased by Henry.

      I never minded rainy days either.If it was light rain, I’d go out anyway but not in heavy rain. Like you, I stayed home and read. Time would pass without my knowing it.

      It was one silly movie.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Summer, sun and soccer 🙂
    Congratulations, US-Team!
    (Sweden-Germany tomorrow.)

    • katry Says:

      The women’s team is usually successful and is the current world champion. The men’s team didn’t even make the last Olympics, but they make more money than the women. The women have sued. The quick reason was they generate less revenue than the men, but that’s not true. U.S. women’s soccer games have generated more revenue than U.S. men’s games over the past three years.

      Go US. Go Germany!!

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