“It’s in the chill of the morning that the dawn awakens the warmth within my heart.”

I woke up at 4:30. After Alexa announced the time, I tried to go back to sleep. That didn’t happen so I started reading. I gave up close to five and went downstairs and out on the deck with Henry. The morning is holding on to last night’s chill. I took the deck table cover which had finally dried and put it away. Rain is coming.

I heard a noise in the cellar as if the furnace was on. I didn’t go check. When I opened the front door, I saw the water sprays and realized the sound was my irrigation system. The lawn and garden are being watered. Silly me because I went outside to look for the papers and my pants legs got wet. I thought I timed it well. I didn’t. Worst of all was the papers weren’t there yet.

The morning is dark. Today it will rain all day and be chilly, around 62°. I have no errands, no plans for the day. I’ll just hunker down.

Okay, I didn’t want to watch the news this morning. My mind has hit its saturation point. There is no more room; instead, I watched Curly Top, a 1935 movie starring Shirley Temple. She danced on the piano. It was a regular morning and she just happened to be wearing tap shoes. Don’t we all?

Of late I have been watching old movies mostly in black and white. Yesterday I watched two of the worst science fiction movies I have ever seen and that says a lot. What says even more is I watched both from beginning to end. The first was Terror from Beneath the Earth, as bad a movie as I’d even seen but then I watched It Came from Another World. It was even worse, but it was familiar so I looked up each film and both had the same director. He was consistent if nothing else. I’m thinking either one will be a perfect deck movie this summer.

I’m going to get my sweatshirt. It’s June 13th, and I’m cold. Summer? Did someone say summer?

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  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Good morning Kat,

    Still in the hotel and hoping the power will be on today. To beat the traffic to work I have been leaving the hotel at 6AM which is my usual wake up time. There’s traffic that early but everyone is going at least 70 MPH. We did get both our fridge and freezer cleaned out yesterday and threw away seven tall trash bags worth of spoiled food. We took pictures of the food and will have to compile a replacement cost list for the insurance company. Imagine the catastrophe if the storm was a tornado and destroyed the condo.

    The cool dry weather will be ending tomorrow with mid 90s temperatures and higher humidity.

    • katry Says:

      Good Morning Bob,
      I do hope your power comes back. A hotel gets tiresome after a while as is having to leave especially early. At least it is a fast ride.

      I’m glad you’ll be able to replace all your groceries. I’d end up cooking all the meat and having my friends over for a lights out barbecue.

      It poured earlier, but it has stopped and left a cold, damp, ugly day. The good weather will start tomorrow.

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        Unfortunately, we were counting on the electricity to have come back on with 24 hours which would have kept the frozen meat frozen. After a couple of days without power everything was spoiled. I don’t think we know enough people to have invited to eat all the meat we had frozen in both freezers. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I thought you had said early on it would be a few days.

        I would hate throwing away so much meat as it is expensive to replace. Luckily, I wouldn’t lose nearly as much though I do buy meat when it’s on sale thinking of movie night and dinner.

  2. hedley Says:

    At 4:00 AM I was up and moving. the Premier League Fixtures were announced at that time and the big issue was would Tottenham Hotspur start their season at home on August 10th ? the Prince will be “in town” that weekend and above all else Mrs MDH and I wanted to get him to a game………So the answer is yes. They open at home against newly promoted Aston Villa and we have already reached out for tickets.

    We took his Father some 30 plus years ago to see Spurs, and at a time of very limited resources bought him a scarf and wooly hat and he refused to wear either. We will see if history repeats.

    It was just slinging down with rain this morning so I am not sure I will get a walk at lunch time

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Such serendipity! It was made to be that you all go and watch Tottenham Hotspur. The Prince should be thrilled.

      As for the scarf and wooly hat, I think The Prince may have less of a problem that his father did. Kids now seem comfortable in a variety of clothing. My grandnephew Ryder, who is the same age as The Prince, will even wear all sorts of colored socks with his football cleats, even pink.

      It started pouring a while back and is still raining.

      • hedley Says:

        I just spoke to The Prince and he said he was very excited

      • katry Says:

        I’m glad. What a great day that will be for The Prince to cheer our Tottenham Hotspur. How could he not wear the colors!!

  3. olof1 Says:

    After two days with heavy showers and thunder we’ve finally gotten a sunny and warm day again. With almost no wind too so it was really nice to take a walk after work today.

    No need to water the lawn here this year, yesterday we had a shower that gave us almost an inch of water during ten minutes, the ground is still soaking wet even if I have almost only ´sand in the ground 🙂 🙂

    Long time since I saw any bad movies now, I must do better especially since summer is perfect to see bad films 🙂 I’ll see if I can find any old Japanese monster movies 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We’ll have the nice days through the weekend. I’ll finish opening the deck so I can spend comfortable time there. I got books from the library so I’m all set.

      We had rain two days ago and now today, but my grass gets brown missing even a couple of days of water. This way I don’t have to water the plants on the deck for a couple of days. I do have to clean out my outdoor shower so I can begin to use it.

      YouTube has really bad science fiction movies. A search should get you a few.

      Have a great day!!

  4. lilydark Says:

    Last week we had 3 day heat wave, which never happens in in this area–temps going over 101 in some places.

    • katry Says:

      We have only had a high of 75˚ so far. Mostly it has been in the low 70’s or high 60’s. Int won’t hit the 80’s until August.

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