“If I can’t garden in it, then I won’t wear it.”

When I first wake up, I ask Alexa the time, pat Henry and look out the bedroom window to check the weather. This morning I saw a grey sky yet again. I went back to sleep.

I have a couple of errands today. Prime among them is getting canned food for Henry. He is partial to Merrick’s hearty chicken thigh stew. When I’m filling his bowl, he turns in circles and stands up on his hind legs. That boy loves to eat.

When I was a kid, we all hated to feed Duke his canned food. Back then dogs ate horse meat, and it smelled bad. Opening the can took a while using the silver hand opener so holding my nose wasn’t an option because I needed both hands to work the opener. I did hold my nose when dumping the food into the dog’s dish but it was really too late.

When I was growing up, life was simple. I had school clothes, church clothes and play clothes. I had a pair of good shoes, play shoes and sneakers. I went to school every day and to church on Sunday. I had roller skates, ice skates, a bicycle and a sled. I was equipped for every season.

I ice skated at the swamp and roller skated around the neighborhood, especially the unused parking lot at the top of the hill. My roller skates needed a key to tighten the front clasps to my shoes. Sneakers were never good to wear as the clasp didn’t hold to the sneakers. My ice skates had to be tighten by the laces. It was an art making sure they were neither too tight nor too loose.

When I was in Ghana, I had to wear dresses all the time, and I wore sandals. I didn’t bring enough dresses with me so I had several made using Ghanaian cloth. With some mending, my sandals lasted the two full years.

When I first taught here, I had to wear dresses. Pants came later. When I became an administrator, it was back to dresses.

I am now back to simple. I wear pants just about all the time. I have a couple of pairs of winter shoes and some winter wool clogs, and I have two pairs of sandals for the summer. I have sneakers, a brand new red pair I love. I do have dresses, three of them. I wore one to Easter dinner. That’s about as formal as I get.

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4 Comments on ““If I can’t garden in it, then I won’t wear it.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Hi Kat,

    All our dogs ate dry kibble. We bought the stuff that was cheapest and contained at least 20% protein. Dogs will eat garbage and the proof is that they will eat the canned horse meat. Our Europeans friends eat horse without any problem. Personally, I didn’t like horse the one time I tried some in Italy.

    With summer approaching I would be happy to wear golf shirts and shorts daily. Of course at work they make us wear dress slacks. 🙁

    Today was cloudy with a high in the low 70s. We’re expecting a couple of inches of rain in the next couple of days.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Even the dry food Henry eats has no filler. He eats better than I do, but he will eat just about anything. I am careful to make sure he stay away from garbage.

      I wore dress clothes almost my whole professional so now I seldom do. I like being comfortable.

      It stayed cloudy all day today, but it didn’t rain again. I wonder when the sun will reappear!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My Mother the dog Duke used to get Strongheart dog food. It had a picture of a German Shepherd on the label. As a kid, I thought it smelled like stew and every so often I would taste a bit and be disappointed all over again. How could something smell so tasty and taste so awful? Duke liked it though. I think my father would sometimes feed him frozen horse meat that he got at the grocery store. Duke would also wander up the dirt road to a neighbor’s house and get hamburger.
    Rocky and Piki Dog used to get Merrick canned food. As I recall, it was good enough that one could lick it off one’s finger and not get grossed out. Yes, I tasted it. It needed salt. LOTS of salt.
    I stopped feeding Merrick when it got bought out by Purina. The salesman said the supply chain would not be compromised but the woman who owns the pet store had heard that from Purina before. She doesn’t trust that Purina is careful about sources and quality of ingredients. She stopped carrying Merrick. She does her homework and I trust her. Now I feed Fromm. Rocky and Piki Dog are not picky. If it’s in their dishes, they’ll eat it. If it’s in my dish, they’ll eat it even faster. 😀

    It’s Wednesday morning and it started out grey and misty up here but now there are large patches of blue sky and actual sunshine. Looks good out there.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Henry will eat anything. His tastes are not at all discriminatory. The chicken thigh stew does look good enough to eat. It has carrots and potatoes. Henry also eats fruit, my first dog to eat it. he even likes kiwi.

      None my other dogs were Hoovers like Henry. They had a bowl of dried food filled all the time and only ate some if they were hungry. Henry would eat every bit of it. Gracie was a petite eater and seldom touched her dry food.

      I’ll check the ingredients on the can to see if there are any changes from when I first started feeding it to my babies.

      I woke up to sun then it got cloudy. The sun is back. I have to squint when I go outside.

      Have a great day!

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