“Squeaking squirrels squandering away their square shares!”

Today is another lovely day with warmth and bright sun. The breeze is so slight the leaves barely move. It is a quiet day but then most days around here are quiet. A dog occasionally barking is about the only sound. I have nothing on my dance card today. Yesterday a friend came by and we had cocktails and appies on the deck. Henry even visited. It was a wonderful way to spend the late afternoon.

I woke up close to eleven this morning. Henry got me up at seven to let him out, but I went back to bed. Seven was too early, too middle of the night to me.

When I was a kid, Sunday rituals were sacred. Mass was first then it was hanging around the house until dinner, usually around two. If I went anywhere beyond the backyard, it was on a whole family excursion. Every now and then we’d go for a Sunday ride. I had one back window, my brother had the other, one of my sisters was in the middle of us and my other sister sat in the front seat. Cars in those days had full front seats from one window to the other. The shift was on the steering wheel. Some of the rides were on back roads. I remember getting excited when we’d see a farm with cows. I remember stopping for ice cream. That was the best part of the ride, even better than the cows. My favorite ice cream for the longest time was chocolate chip then mocha chip then mint chip. The pattern is easy. Give me chocolate. My father’s favorite was vanilla, but he never ate just plain vanilla. He covered his ice cream in Hershey’s syrup so thick there was like a river of chocolate surrounding the vanilla.

The spawn chewed the outside string of lights again. I’ve given up. I’m flying the white flag. That is about the fifth strand done in by a spawn of Satan, a rat with a puffy tail, a squirrel. I went hunting for a solution. The only one I found was to cover the strands with PVC piping. That seems like a lot of work, a lot of measuring and cutting to fit the short spaces between the lights. I’ll just stay in the dark.

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8 Comments on ““Squeaking squirrels squandering away their square shares!””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It started chilly and sunny here and the day ended chilly, cloudy and a bit rainy. I have mostly been half asleep today so I didn’t mind the rain 🙂

    I don’t think European cars ever had those seats in the front of the car. I had a Citroen DS 21 as my first car and it had two big sofas in the front with almost no space between them though. I do miss having the shift stick by the steering wheel, I don’t think any car has that now days.

    I do like plain vanilla ice cream but I think hazelnut still is my favorite. I love chocolate in almost everything but ice cream though, have no idea why 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The day has continued to be lovely. We have a breeze now, a good one.

      Back then you paid extra for what were called bucket seats. Once the long front seat disappeared all cars have those buckets seats.

      All the shifts are on the floor now, both the stick and automatic shifts.

      I’m not a hazelnut ice cream fan. I don’t mind nuts over my ice cream but not in it.

      Have a great day!1

  2. Bob Says:

    When I was a teenager in Queens NY my aunt would plan a Sunday outing when the weather was nice. Neither my aunt nor uncle drove so my cousin was the chauffeur. We usually drove to Nassau county on Long Island. In NY parlance, “let’s go out the island” or “Long giland”. We usually ended up at a huge Nathan’s on the Sunrise highway where we ate hot dogs, burgers or fried clam sandwiches with fries. Other journeys we ended up at my uncle Harry and aunt Gussie house in Massapequa. Harry was a junk dealer and they were very frugal. They could squeeze a penny so tight that Lincoln would scream. 🙂 Massapequa was where Jerry Seindfeld was raised. On the way back we would stop for soft serve ice cream at a drive up place called Carvel. My aunt didn’t have to prepare dinner after those trips.

    My kids have never seen a car with bench seats or the shifter on the steering wheel column. Ford has announced that beginning in 2019 they will discontinue all sedans and coupes except for the Mustang. Chrysler has already discontinued sedans. The SUV is now the family car. GM, Honda and Toyota are still making sedans for the time being.

    Today is sunny with a high in the low 90s. There’s a chance of rain but not at my house yet.

    • katry Says:

      Those were great Sunday rides. We never stopped for lunch, but we did sometimes go to the north shore to places like Revere and rode along the road by the water.

      We didn’t go to relative’s houses on our rides. Some Sundays we went directly to my grandparent’s house.

      My father was a manager for Hood Ice Cream. He was the manager in Hyannis which is why we came down the Cape. He would have said ice milk instead of soft serve ice cream because it was made from a powder and milk in a machine.

      They stopped making long front seats and gears on the wheel a long time ago. The end of the family sedan? Oh! no!!!

      We had a wonderful day.

      • Bob Says:

        The cars that had manual transmissions with the gear selector on the steering column were called, “Three on the tree”. Although manual transmission cars are available in the U.S. they are shunned by most buyers. The estimate is about a 3% take rate for five or six speed manual transmission vehicles. If I wanted to buy a two seat rag top sports car I would want a manual. My 21 year old son has no interest or desire to shift gears manually.

      • katry Says:

        When I bought my first Toyota, it was a standard, no choice. If I wanted an automatic, it was extra.

        In Europe, I had to rent a manual as an automatic cost so much money. I was glad I knew how to drive a standard. On The Amazing Race many of the cars they use are standards. If you watch the show, you know it, but there is always one pair who didn’t learn to drive one.

      • Bob Says:

        The rest of the world drives more manual transmission cars because the cost is less and in Europe the cost of gasoline is so high that manual transmissions get slightly better gas mileage than automatic transmissions. The last time I was in the U.K. gasoline was about $8.00 an imperial gallon.

      • katry Says:

        I don’t remember the cost of gas the last time I rented a car in Europe. I know it wasn’t all that expensive in Ghana, but it was also a standard.

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