“I haven’t been falling all this time. I’ve been flying”

We had about 4 inches of snow. My factotum Skip, came on Tuesday afternoon, and shoveled the walk and got the car free. Yesterday morning I went to get the papers. I put my foot on the mat outside the door and my foot slid out from under me. I used my right hand to break my fall. I landed hard on the first step and just sat there a while trying to get my wits about me. My wrist and my foot hurt. My butt was getting wet from the mat I was sitting on. My door was still open. Finally I gingerly got up and limped to the road and got my papers. Today my right wrist is swollen and sore and has a big lump. My left foot is swollen and my knee is painful but only if I move it ( a little humor here). I limp. I’m the walking wounded.

When I was a kid, my first fall resulted in a broken wrist. I was around 4 or 5 and considered that cast a badge of honor. My next memorable fall was down the stairs. I ended up with a huge gash on my chin. I was about 10. I don’t remember any more falls until I moved into my house. Four times I have fallen down stairs: 2 inside, 2 outside. I broke a cheekbone and some teeth during the most memorable fall inside. The other falls only resulted in black and blues. I fell off a ladder outside and broke my shoulder bone. I was lucky with that one as my head just missed the top of a concrete wall. Another fall was down the outside backstairs and over the side. I knocked myself out but that was it.

I know I have mentioned that falling is part of my DNA, a gift from my father. Given my druthers, I would have preferred eye color.

We have a little sun today. I have to squint in the brightness. It is warm at 44˚. Tonight will be below freezing. Tomorrow night will be 13˚. I have no plans to go out for the rest of the week. I have plenty of food from Peapod yesterday and lots of books from the library.

I still have that damn laundry to do. I threw it down the cellar stairs yesterday.  Now, though, I actually have a real excuse for not doing it, and it has nothing to do with laziness or being a sloth. I can’t walk down any stairs because my knee, leg and foot hurt enough for me to complain out-loud, and how can I fold with one hand? I got a lot more out of this slide than I ever expected.

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20 Comments on ““I haven’t been falling all this time. I’ve been flying””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I think I might have falling in my DNA too but so far I’ve been lucky and never broken anything. I did once break my arm (and it took the doctors 8 hours to get it back to what it should look like 🙂 but that was more of a jump than a fall doing that 🙂 ). I tend to fall down the stairs here at home and at work to come to think of it 🙂

    Several of my dogs have pushed me down the stairs too. I’m not sure if they just are happy that I finally woke up and was in a hurry to go outside or that they secretly are planning to kill me 🙂

    Are You sure nothing is broken in that really bad wrist?

    I’ll do my shopping tomorrow but that’s it and the laundry on Sunday of course. The Swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest starts on Saturday so I guess I’ll watch that but otherwise I’ll continue to read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 🙂

    Have a great day and take care!


    • katry Says:

      That first fall of mine was really a jump too. I was jumping backwards off the fence in the back of where we lived. I did it a few times then asked my mother to look. That’s when I almost fell. I braced myself with my hand and ended up with a buckle fracture to my wrist.

      I don’t think anything is broken as I can use all my fingers. I just can’t carry anything or turn my wrist. Even my fingers are swollen a bit.

      I have to do that laundry before I run out of some stuff. I guess tomorrow.

      I haven’t had problems with my dogs, me and stairs. The dogs tended to go down ahead of me.

      Have a great evening!

  2. sprite Says:

    I’m glad the fall had the unintentional benefit of helping you postpone your chores, but I’m sorry you’re hurt. I hope you start feeling better soon and the injuries don’t end up being something more serious than sprains and bruising.

    • katry Says:

      I am still in some pain and I can use my hand but I c an’t put too much pressure on my wrist. I can’t believe I went to this much trouble to avoid doing laundry.

  3. Hedley Says:

    Tomorrow is the 7th Anniversary of my infamous crash and fall. On a runway somewhere in Detroit, down I went. I heard it go and knew the damage was awful. I had broken my leg in 4 or 5 or 6 or…well a lot of places, I had done my knee and my ankle. What followed was a year of operations, rehab, learning to walk, a blood clot stroke and a heart operation for a pfo.

    It was Super Bowl weekend, I think there was a Super Bowl party in my hospital room but I don’t remember any of it.

    I am extraordinarily wary of ice and the weather. Once my leg was full of metal to hold it together, and then I took it all out. That was a good move. The stroke had no lasting impact (no comments im6). I get shots and twinges and have generally learned not to complain.

    The good guys scored in 11 seconds flat last night and Tottenham Hotspur beat Manchester United 2-0, a score line that did not reflect their total dominance. The front runners who support the Manchester team are strangely silent. I guess fandom is only worthwhile when you are winning everything.

    Be careful Kat.

    • im6 Says:

      How did I never know about this, Hedley? I must give you credit for being a trooper and not milking it for sympathy. BTW, what’s a “runway? (besides a British expression)?

      • Hedley Says:

        Im6, it was not one of my best moments ! I was getting on a plane and it didn’t happen. Frankly I hadn’t thought about it being the anniversary until Kat said she had taken a dive and realized it coincided with the Super Bowl

        For weird out stuff, in my minds eye I saw it go in black and white and slo-mo.

        Right nuff about that stuff, let’s get back to the excellent XTC rockumentary on Showtime. I liked it and went hunting for my XTC discs

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I can’t even fathom an injury that bad and the horrible aftermath of it. Just a small injury hurts let alone all those broken bones. How did you fall? Did your leg give way?

      I think missing the Super Bowl is a better choice than being awake and in all that pain.

      This is the first time I have slid on ice. Usually I can see it and take precautions. This time it was just on foot on the mat and sown I went.

      I’d moan and groan with twitches and periodic pain. Now I just tell Maddie who doesn’t listen and isn’t sympathetic.

      I agree, Fandom is loud when you are a winner and buried deep the you lose.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Always look on the bright side of life. 🙂 You can fold with one hand but you have to have a floor or other flat surface. Don’t bother. The laundry can wait.
    That reminds me that I have laundry in the dryer which has been there for over a week. I’ll get it later.

    No snow here. Just some spitty snow early this morning. The sun even showed its face for a few minutes. It’s back to grey and cloudy, though.

    Take care of yourself and be careful.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I think folding with one hand would cause me to curse in frustration. I had trouble scrubbing my hair with one hand when I took a shower yesterday. It took a long time to finish washing.

      The laundry did get moved to the cellar, but I threw the bags down as I would not have been able to hold both bags. I’m fine with it sitting there a while.

      Snow here except it melted on streets and walkways.

      I will try to be careful.

  5. im6 Says:

    I hate opening my email and seeing notifications from WordPress showing the names of songs with “fall” or “falling” in them. I know that can only mean something bad. Get. Yourself. To. A. Doctor. (and speedy healing!)

    • katry Says:

      I like to think of that as slipping, not falling, but there weren’t enough slipping songs.

      My wrist is less swollen, and I can use it an my hand so it was bruised. This slip was benign.

  6. William Sandford Says:

    You may be doing more harm by not having x-rays. Trust me on this one. And why does laundry have to be folded?
    Snow here too and maybe more overnight.😎

    • katry Says:

      Laundry has to be folded or put on hangers. Pants and shirts go on hangers. T-shirts, flannel around the house pants, sweatshirts and underwear has to be folded so it can go into the drawers.

      The swelling is going down my wrist. I can bent it a little which I couldn’t do this morning.

      We will get some rain then snow.

  7. Denise Says:

    Ouch! Please take care. And knock on wood, the new year gets better. Denise

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Denise. I have this falling thing down pat. I was able to break my fall and not do much damage. Swelling is minor.

      I do take care and look what happens!

  8. Bob Says:

    I’m usually pretty sure footed but I fell about six months ago on the way from my car to my front door. I stepped on the curb from the driveway to the sidewalk and I went down like a house of cards. I don’t remember the fall itself but I did have some pain on my side, my elbow and on my chin that hit the sidewalk even though my hands attempted to break the fall. The scary part was that I couldn’t get up and it took a lot of effort to get to my knees and then get to my feet. For a a moment I felt like that TV commercial for the alert transmitter where an elderly woman presses her button in the shower and says, “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. Twenty years ago I would have just popped right up.

    I guess tottering is a sign of aging. I don’t think I totter at all, just lost my balance once.

    I missed the super, red moon yesterday morning but I noticed the size of the full moon as I drove to work. It was only low 60s today instead of the 76 degrees we had yesterday.

    • katry Says:

      I have the same problem if I fall, getting up. My knees crack, and I just can’t hoist myself up without grabbing something. I tripped over the garden tie one night as it was so dark I didn’t see it. I had to get to the car and use the fender to pull my self up.

      I don’t totter, but I do trip over stuff. I’m lucky that most times I don’t do any real damage.

      It was an okay day with no wind which made it feel warmer. The night, though, gets really cold.

  9. Coleen Says:

    Hi Kat!

    Welcome to my world. I wish I could count the number of times I’ve tripped, fallen, or crashed with my body. You don’t wanna count that high…

    My best friend slipped on some ice on the job and went down in a heap. Broke his ankle in a couple places, and has had 2 surgeries to boot…the first surgery was not done right (he was treated at a hospital away from home), but he is in rehab locally now, recovering from the second surgery, which was done with his doctors.

    He is currently also having a huge fight with the insurance company. I am EXTREMELY careful with the ice at this time of year. His situation is my worst nightmare…

    I actually fell out of my car in January after our big storm here…held onto the open door, took a step, slipped, and ended up with my feet on the inside floor of my car while the rest of me pointed down to the ground OUTSIDE the car.

    Yes, I was upside down. No, I don’t know how I got there either.

    Once I realized I was not hurt (but also knew I couldn’t get up by myself), I pulled my cell out of my coat, called 911 and got a cop to come physically pick me up. He was very nice about it. I told him that I hoped I was the worst thing he’d see all night.

    And that, as Paul Harvey used to say, is the rest of the story…

    Waving (while putting down rock salt),


    • katry Says:

      Hi Coleen,
      I don’t usually fall on ice. I fall downstairs and have been known to fall upstairs. I have crowns on two front teeth, souvenirs of a huge fall down stairs. I am careful so I wondered how many falls I have prevented by being careful. Luckily I haven’t needed surgery as the breaks were clean and could just knit without help.

      That was quick thinking getting the cop to come and help. I remember one night when I tripped over the wooden garden edge. I went down on my knees, and they got jammed. I just laid down where I was. I knew no-one would see me in the dark. I was hoping my friends would check as I was on the way down the street to their house. Finally I dragged myself over to the fence and used it to hoist myself.

      I put down the crystals on the front step. Nothing like after the fall to protect myself.

      Waving from a comfy couch!!

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