“I’ve just been bitten on the neck by a vampire… mosquito. Does that mean that when the night comes I will rise and be annoying?”

Outside is dark, damp and cloudy. A wind blows every now and then and adds to the misery of the day. My heat went on during the night. It must have been really cold as the thermostat is set at 65˚. Before I had pets, I used to keep it set at 62˚ at night, but that’s too cold for Gracie and Maddie. I found that out when I patted them. Their ears and their body fur were cold. That’s why the heat is higher.

Last night, Gracie was panting so much I kept waking up. I did the food, treat, water thing, and she still was panting and moving around. I finally fell asleep around four. When I woke up, Gracie was in the middle of the couch lying right beside me, and my legs were bent to accommodate her. It was another bad back this morning. She, of course, is now sleeping soundly. I am tempted to keep waking her up, but that’s a human response she wouldn’t understand. Besides, she’d just go to her crate and sleep, probably snore too just to drive me crazy.

Even though all the stores are now opened on Sunday just like every other day, I still have a bit of solemnity for the day probably leftover from when I was a kid. I don’t big time shop on Sundays, and I tend to stay close to home. I watch a little TV, usually football, and I often nap. I honor Sunday as a day of rest.

I was browsing through youtube the other night looking for something to watch. I noticed the film choice of Thousand Plane Raid. Seeing that zoomed me right back to Africa but to Niamey, Niger this time, not Ghana. It was Christmas vacation, and I was traveling with a couple of friends. The trip didn’t go as planned, but trips seldom do in Africa. The bus broke down twice. Each time, we had to wait for the driver’s assistant to hitch back to Ougadougou for parts. That put us way behind time so we had to stop for the night at a post office for which the bus carried mail. The night was freezing. It was harmattan time and we were closer to the desert than in Ghana. I had only a piece of cloth to keep me warm, and it didn’t. Anyway, by the time we got to Niamey, I had defrosted. We stayed at the Peace Corps hostel. In those days U.S. embassies showed movies on Saturday nights. We found out where and went to the screening. Yup, it was Thousand Plane Raid. You don’t need to know any more about the movie. The title is the whole plot. That night was the worst. The movie was shown in an open room of sorts with 4 low concrete walls and no screens.  I was eaten alive by mosquitos bigger than my hand. They mimicked the movie and dive bombed in groups to attack me. I think I left before the end of the movie, but I was so woozy from loss of blood my memories just blurred. I only remember the name of the move and the hordes of mosquitos.

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6 Comments on ““I’ve just been bitten on the neck by a vampire… mosquito. Does that mean that when the night comes I will rise and be annoying?””

  1. Bob Says:

    A bad movie in Niger at the U.S. Embassy is not as surprising as finding out that our military is involved in some kind of military operations in that country. Obviously, ISIS or Al-Qaeda is causing problems. Of course 45 figured out how to stick his foot in his mouth again by insulting the widow of a black fallen soldier by telling her that “He knew what he signed up for”. Otherwise no one would even know about Niger. Only God knows what will come out of his mouth during the next 12 days on his Asia tour. 🙁

    The weather again is beautiful with temperatures in the 70s. The bad news is that we are again under a draught warning.

    • katry Says:

      I was as surprised as anyone to find the US had soldiers there and in other African countries. The paper today had a big article saying the ranks of Isis are diminishing so maybe it is Al Quaeda.

      I too am worried about what Trump might say or do. He’s liable to insult a culture with words or a gesture.

      It is chilly which is warmer than cold. We were on a drought warning last spring but are no longer. We’ve had lots of rain.

      • Bob Says:

        Besides making cultural insults he could upset our trade relationship with China, Vietmam and South Korea, he could provoke the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un into launching a nuclear missile attack on Japan or a conventional weapons attack on South Korea. Getting us involved in a land war on the Korean Peninsula would be a monumental disaster. The best we can hope for is that he just reduces our standing to a laughing stock in the world community further than he already has by just tweeting.

        BTW the high temperature today will be in the low 90s. It looked cooler outside from my air conditioned living room. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        He isn’t visiting the Military Demarcation Line, probably not wanting himself to be a target.

        They have already been calculating the military losses if North Korea was invaded. Trump scares me. He has no idea about the responsibilities of president or that words matter. He lacks tact. he doesn’t understand when he blurts out stuff. Later the walks it back as he was told what he had.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Busy weekend, a climate protection rally out of town on Saturday and chorus rehearsal today and I’m not ready with computer stuff yet.

    We already destroyed nature so much here that even most of the mosquitoes are gone. Personally I don’t miss them but birds need food. Besides about 75% of our insects we also lost many birds. Of course our conservative parties want to keep poisoning ground and water. Profit now or a livable future? You know the answer.

    Sleep well tonight, both of you!

    • katry Says:

      Just ask our president. Global warming and climatic changes aren’t occurring. He named Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA, a man who has sued the agency 13 times as Oklahoma’s attorney general. Pruitt, a climate change denier with close ties to the fossil fuel industry, has a long record of attacking the EPA and undermining environmental regulations.

      The mosquitos are alive and well here. We will lose birds like the chickadee, our state bird, as it will get too warm for them so they will pack their bags and move.

      Gracie is asleep!

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