“Sooner or later, everybody dreams of other worlds.”

Today is another wondrously beautiful day. The air is clear and the sunlight is sharp. The house had an early morning chill but a blast of heat warmed it. It will be in the high 60’s.

My mother would ask us to stick out our tongues to prove we were telling the truth. She said if we were lying, our tongues would turn black. When we refused to show her our tongues, she knew we’d lied. We’d run to the mirror and stick out our tongues to check. They were never black, My mother said only mothers could see the black tongues. We believed her. It never crossed our minds that our mother had manipulated us. I wish it were that easy to distinguish lies from truth.

My mind has been saturated with far too much news. I am still watching YouTube. Last night I watched three episodes of Rocky Jones Space Ranger, and one is playing right now. The series was made in 1954. The special effects are awful by today’s standards but that’s an unfair comparison. Rocky spent a whole lot of his time talking into a tube to Earth, his boss and to the leaders of other planets. With one exception, the alien leaders all spoke English. There was a sort of a teletype translator on the rocket ship. I recognized some of the minor actors including the star of Mr. Ed who wasn’t the horse. One exchange between Rocky and his crew members, Vena Ray, was reminded to pack her lipstick for the next space journey. She laughed and said lipstick was more important to her than oxygen. Such were the fifties!

I never did go out yesterday. Being home was just too comfortable. I didn’t do my laundry either, but I have made a list for today and laundry is at the top.

When I was a kid, fall was just about my favorite season. The weather was perfect. It was neither hot nor cold. The trees were beautiful and all different colors. We saved the most colorful ones ironed in wax paper. Every Saturday until they were gone, my dad raked the yard and burned the leaves. We rode bikes.

Campbell’s chicken noodle soup with Saltines was my favorite Saturday fall lunch. I’d crumbled the Saltines and put them in the soup. I usually put in so many pieces the broth disappeared. I’d eat the top layer and work my way down to the noodles and vegetables.

My dad loved a snack of buttered crackers. His favorite was Milk Crackers, Royal Lunch Crackers, but Saltines would do in a pinch. From my memory drawer I can still see my dad bringing his crackers on a small plate to the living room. He’d sit in his usual seat on the couch beside the table and munch while watching television. He always left crumbs.

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10 Comments on ““Sooner or later, everybody dreams of other worlds.””

  1. Bob Says:

    My mother told us our nose would grow if we lied and only she could see the growth.

    Some of the Sci Fi movies of that era were classics such as ‘Forbiden Planet’, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ or ‘Conquest of Space’ which were very well made for the day.

    I still like Campbell Chicken soup but with the saltines on the side.

    Very nice mild day with a few sprinkles.

    • katry Says:

      Your mother and mine were kindred spirits. We always believed our mothers!

      The only one I haven’t seen is Conquest of Space. Forbidden Planet is a great film for its day.

      I can’t remember the last time I had Campbell’s soups, but I suspect I’d still like them.

      Our weather could use a few sprinkles.

      • Bob Says:

        The part of Conquest of Space that I liked was that it was a very realistic depiction of what could really happen in the future. As far as I can remember it was not an alian movie but a look at a plausible future.

      • katry Says:

        I’ll have to look it up on YouTube.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Back home from a nice day out. We went to Cologne by train for sightseeing, a walk along the river Rhine and a Barbershop choir anniversary concert in the evening. I miss the evening light in fall but Cologne cathedral at sunset was a beautiful sight.

  3. olof1 Says:

    Cloudy and windyall day here yesterday but I only noticed it when I went out with the dogs because someone called in sick at work so I had to go there and work all day. I had just started to believe I was safe since the phone didn’t ring especially early when it suddenly did 🙂 Well they day passed fairly wuickly anyway and the dogs and I went outside as often as we could.

    I just looked at a thing on Facebook about whta was big on Halloween when I was born and to my joy it was the Addams Family 🙂 That series was much more popular here than it was in the US so guess if we were happy when the movies came and that they were so good 🙂

    It si raining now and will continue to do so big parts of the day, I am of course not surprised since it seems I won’t have to go to work today, over an hour has passed since they started working and no call so unless someone injures him/ her self I’ll stay at home 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I’m sorry you had to work. I know you were hoping for a free weekend. I’m glad you and the dogs did get out.

      I love the characters in The Addams Family. Lurch and Cousin Itt were great characters. Gomez and Morticia were the best couple, Cara Mia!

      At least you get one day off for the weekend. I’m sorry it is raining as you won’t enjoy being outside as much.

      Have a great evening!

  4. Dads all do that, leave crumbs. It shows their appreciation for the finer things in life, like good crackers.

    • katry Says:

      I never thought about that. I’m happy to know my father was simply fulfilling the expectations of his gender.

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