“The world is quiet here.”

Today is rainy and cold. It is sweatshirt weather, closer to early spring than late summer.  My papers were soaked from the middle to the bottom. I have a large front parking space, but the carrier managed to throw them in the only puddle. The plastic cover was useless. Like in the old days, my fingertips had printer’s ink on them.

Gracie had a tough morning. She woke me when she was throwing up. Her head tilt was extreme which caused her dizziness. I grabbed her as she was having trouble walking and put her on the couch. In a few minutes, she had her small tilt back so we went out in the rain while she did her morning business. I got cold waiting.

I find the whole idea daunting, but I have to go out today. From experience I know rainy day roads will be the stuff of nightmares. There will be lines of bumper to bumper cars filled with tourists looking for something to do. They’ll gawk, and their heads will swirl from one side of the road to the other, a mimic of the Regan head moves in The Exorcist. Today will be shop for souvenirs day, maybe a Cape Cod t-shirt or more appropriately for the weather, a sweatshirt. How about some salt water taffy? It is most decidedly not a day to go the movies. That’s for sunny days, for beach days.

I like the quiet of today. I like the dark house. It seems to surround me, to hold me close. I remember being on vacation in Maine one summer when I was young. I remember a rainy day. I wanted quiet from the noise in the house so I took my book and went to the car where I stretched out on my stomach on the back seat. I read all day. The rain on the roof and the windows was soothing. I fell asleep in the car on a rainy day in Maine.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    Cloudy and on the cool side here today and we even got some drops from the sky, not so many that I could call it a drizzle though 🙂

    I went to the hospital to x-ray my hips and stopped at a mall to buy some things. I really dislike places like that so I didn’t buy much, just what I needed and then drove away as fast as I could 🙂 I also stopped by a monastery church and the ruins of the monastery itself. I was thinking of stopping at the café there but then I remembered the food I had in the car 🙂

    I know I will like the first rainy days after this draught we’re having and yes I will most likely read a book 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • Christer,
      Just as Gracie and I went outside to go to the car, the heavens opened, and awe got soaked. It is still raining but not as heavily. We could have a new low temperature record today.

      I seldom go to the mall either. I either get what I want locally or on line; however, there are some great stores I do like to go to like Trader Joe’s which has great food and meats. The other is a Brazilian butcher shop.

      I got back from thy errands and am thinking a nap!!

      Have a great evening!

  2. Birgit Says:

    Cold and partly rainy here too, time to check some radio feed links.
    You might like this one too. Old folkies singing for old folkies like us, Judy Collins and Stephen Stills with a new recording of Cohen’s Everybody Knows:

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Rainy, windy and cold up here as well. We’ve been out in it a couple of times and had to blow dry off once we got back inside.
    I had the windows open until just a bit ago but decided to close the one next to my chair. It has gotten colder and the rain is falling harder.

    Tourist season in destination towns is difficult. I used to have an office in Newburyport. Summer was bad especially on festival weeks of which there seemed to be more each year. If you had a touristy kind of business, it was great but for the rest of us not so much. The regular customers stayed away during those times because the traffic and parking were horrendous. I hope all the tourists are staying inside where it’s warm and you will not have to fight the traffic.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn,
      It stopped raining for a bit but has started again. It is loud enough to be heard on the deck and roof. It is supposed to get as low as as the 50’s. I had a window opened last might but closed it during the night as I got cold.

      I stayed to the backroads but could see the traffic on 134 here in Dennis as I looked up the road. All I could see were brake lights.

      Home is warm and comfy.

  4. Bob Says:

    The rain last night and this morning lowered our afternoon temperature to a balmy 93 degrees. The sun is out amid a cloudless sky. It’s late July in Texas so any rain is welcomed.

    I’m sorry to hear that Gracie is still having difficulties. After all old age is not for the feint of heart. That’s your’s not her’s. 🙂

    The tourists and sun worshipers have to something when rains helps the local economy I leaving their wallets and purses lighter.

    • Bob,
      Our rain brought the temperature down to 63˚ today and could get down to the high 50’s tonight.

      Gracie’s head tilt is permanent. Usually it is slight and doesn’t affect her, but every now and then it gets quite prominent and that is when she gets dizzy. We are a house of old age with me turning 70 next month, Gracie nearly 12 and Maddie, the cat, at 17.

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