12 Days Of Christmas: Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day, El Dia de Reyes. This holiday represents the height of the Christmas season. The date marks the culmination of the twelve days of Christmas and commemorates the three wise men who traveled from afar, bearing gifts for the infant baby Jesus.

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2 Comments on “12 Days Of Christmas: Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters”

  1. Jay Bird Says:

    Here’s the Newfoundland version, sung by Great Big Sea, “Come and I Will Sing You” (the Twelve Apostles):


    Twelve, twelve Apostles, Eleven is the eleven that went straight to heaven, Ten the Ten Commandments, Nine the bright eyed shiners, Eight Gabriel angels, Seven, seven stars under the sky, Six, the six pallbearers, Five ferrymen under the bush, Four Gospel preachers, Three of them were drivers, Two of them were lily white babes, clothed all in green-o, One the one that’s all alone and ever more shall be so!

    Newfies are a little odd.

    • katry Says:

      I love this. I like Great Big Sea, and this is wonderful! It is the first time I have ever heard this song.

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